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Let's get back to my interview with barry jenkins. He directed films moonlight which won an oscar. For best picture. And if beale street could talk which was adapted from james baldwin novel jenkins directed the new ten part series the underground railroad which is adapted from the pulitzer prize. Winning novel by colson. Whitehead it tells the stories of a teenage girl cora who escapes enslavement on a brutal georgia plantation and the slave catcher who is pursuing her in the story the underground railroad is literally a train that operates in secret underground and transports people escaping slavery to other states. Each of those states has devised its own obstacles to prevent black people from truly achieving freedom. We last spoke after you directed the film moonlight which won the oscar for best picture and the mother in that story is dealing with addiction which leaves her son basically without a parent and so a a drug dealer and his girlfriend become the boys parental surrogates and they both seem like wise and generous people but we later learn that the drug dealers the same dealer who's selling to shira's mother to the boy's mother and keeping her addicted Your mother was addicted. And that's why they were years of your life when she she really wasn't available to you as a parent. Can i ask how your mother is. Now she's good man she's good. She's vaccinated she's good. I mean as good as anybody can be In this time right now you know. I'll say this i think making that film. It opened up A line of communication between us that not that it had it not existed but it had become frayed. And that's what i'll say about that. But yeah she's good man. She's good who who raised you during the years. I know your father died when you were twelve. Yeah i was raised by a woman named minerva hall My grandmother Who i'm pretty sure. There's no blood relation to me but was a was a caretaker from my mom during her very very rough years is actually a character in the underground railroad named after her Ingles wife is named minerva. After my grandmom and overhaul she was awesome. She was the kind of woman who there would be twelve people in a two bedroom apartment at different periods. Because if you needed a shelter she will provide it. It's it's interesting. I didn't i. Don't make these connections as making work. I'm just about the characters. But i mean there's a direct line between the way manoeuvres to care. I mean in the way these kids these children who was put off their families. Where taken care up on my ancestors..

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