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Disaster to Ohio Steve Chabot, This is a disgrace. Even top panel Democrat Gregory Meeks says the administration could have done better Reporter saga, Megane says Blink And puts the blame on the Trump administration's deal with the Taliban and the quick surrender of the Afghan military. Meanwhile, the Pentagon halts all flights of Afghan evacuees into the U. S. For another seven days because of measles. The virus was diagnosed in at least five Afghans arriving in the U. S. They have been isolated, and the Atlanta based CDC is now working on contact. Tracing the vitamin inspiration expands. Efforts to reunite migrant families separated the border under former President Trump. Under the program, parents who are located will be helped to return to the United States. And they will get at least three years of legal residency, work permits and support services reporter Mike Gracias says. It's estimated more than 5500 Children were separated from their families under the zero tolerance policy on border crossings. WSB news time 6 56 dire warnings of a famine that could cause a million Afghan kids to starve. Its, uh, part of the story will be covering the next weeks or so. It's 6 56. Now as we check weather and traffic in Atlanta, today's forecast here's WSB neurologist Christine Edwards, a mix of sun and clouds high 86 back to the morning drive with Doug Turnbull. At times there blocking always trying to clear this crash. 85 doors, Steve Riddles Boulevard here, But right now into the Coty Lane and exit one of three I'm up over the seed there. Downtown Atlanta The connector is pretty clear, though. It's close a little bit. 75 85 Door Freedom Parkway. Bad crash near the Capital, Washington Street Credit the avenue where around to that, and on the South side started to queue up against slow it. Click County 75 doors. Their Forest Parkway wanted the media at 6 75 North Block. Exit seven. Triple team traffic 95.

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