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We don't mean the company is mad and i we don't have to run a by and this is a inc dan tag you're asking the first time we do firstly carbs i sometimes appears that caught my i mean i saw the spaghetti pi i saw the drunken cauliflower tacos but i'm i'm a you know you guys guide me tell me we show me what i mean what you've got trouble with like we we not cutting up a rude abega or something like what does the second time you're drop in ruda vega at us today and i saw it last saturday the farmers' markets this weekend got me fucked up nice i find ginger to be a little inscrutable oic had them how to cut air site has unit yes go grab a ginger it's a it's a gnarled up cut of route deal try it in the quantity that makes sense it's like a gilman del toro care word area that's exactly what is like i wanted to be beautiful i wanted to be like gueti what turn into guela when a shallow how that ginger got it with yes so slow list to a ginger recipe rangers ginger another like how to protect out and had a prep gender all right we're ends yeah i love it i love it okay thank you guys so much this were not ending yet one last thing for you i don't know if you've heard before i with we'd we'd like to ask guests and sensors to view each got to do this we want to hear your thoughts at the moment doesn't have to be like you're you're dugin on this forever last meal on earth.

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