President Trump discussed on The Charlie Kirk Show


And people that don't love our country. They don't love our country. The left is not trying to promote justice or equality or lift up the downtrodden. They have one goal the pursuit of their own political power for whatever reason, but that's they go. That really seems to be the goal. The goal of their sickness, and if you give power to people that demolished monuments and attack churches. And sees city streets and set fire to buildings. Then nothing is sacred and know what is safe. And then the president zeroed in on law and order talking about standing with citizens who wants to live safely and their country. Play tape. We believe in long order we support the men and women of law enforcement, and we stand with the citizens. In every city and every. And every part of our country. To live in safety, security, dignity and peace. And we know. That American patriots. dopey bow down to foreign powers we don't back down. From left-wing bullies. And the only authority we worship God..

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