The Putin Apologists Hiding Behind an 'America First' Sticker


When you listen to them and they claim they're for America first and they're against the Republican establishment The problem is they're for the Russian establishment Should be opposed to both We don't have American soldiers there They're Russian soldiers there in a country where they shouldn't be It almost sounds like they're concerned It's in so much for American soldiers getting wounded They're not there It's for Russian soldiers getting wounded and killed And that America provoked the whole damn thing I mean after all according to Rand Paul so many of these countries were part of Russia in the 1920s Wow No wonder the guy can never support Israel Israel didn't have his independence to the 1940s Wow we're looking at the 1920s Why look at the 1920s Look at the 1820s Look at the 1720s How about we look 3500 years ago At your Diane Samara Oh no we can't do that These are the kind of jackass arguments they have to make They're not worried about American soldiers There's no American soldiers They're nobody's promoting that idea Even a couple knuckleheads who did a pull back Like this guy senator Coons from Delaware He humiliated himself but you don't even hear that from Lindsey Graham So that's a false argument So what is it that they're concerned about Killing Russian soldiers Upsetting Putin But don't worry they're not Putin support American first Checking out Soleimani They oppose that too Very provocative you know Why do we care Let's Soleimani do whatever he wants to

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