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Nicole Brown Simpson in Ron, Goldman were found murdered outside that townhouse in Br. Brentwood in, you know, a lot of people have heard people kind of laugh about it this week. Oh, you know, remember if the gloves don't fit you must acquit and remember the slow speed Bronco chase. And Chris, it was the first time we ever heard the word car dash, Ian, because Robert Kardashian was one of OJ's dream team lawyers. But I think that, that what people seem to forget, and this is what is so troubling. Is it was such a grisly gruesome, murder, and the fact that OJ was acquitted after we heard really from the grave, Nicole Brown Simpson? And we heard about the domestic abuse that was documented because over the relationship the marriage that she had with OJ, there were pictures. There were accounts to friends there were injuries that you could see. I mean real bloody. Bruises. And in addition to that, you heard just her frantic voice in doubt one, but a number of different recorded calls to police, and then, of course, there were the eyewitness accounts in that trial. But again, O J was acquitted for it. What I find most interesting, and I think this is what probably affects more of us today than just the memories of that trial. And the first big crime of the century, is that there are a number of not just women that men as well suffering at the hands of domestic abusers, and a little bit later on this morning around six oh, seven right after the six o'clock news. We're gonna be talking with carbon paper from the journal piece house, and she's going to tell us. How the perception of domestic abuse has changed in these twenty five years since the murders of Nicole Brown. Simpson.

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