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Turn down the temperature meantime two bills that restrict transgender youths are on the docket for montana lawmakers. This year eric take it off explains house. Bill one twelve would ban transgender athletes in public schools from participating in sports consistent with their gender house. Bill one thirteen would prohibit gender affirming healthcare for minors potentially finding doctors up to fifty thousand dollars for violating the statute as jay. How with montana women vote says these bills would harm young people. She says legislators should be focusing on covid nineteen we think it's really triclean. Unconscionable that lawmakers are considering supporting this type of legislation especially at a time like this hearings for both bills were cancelled this week and have not yet been rescheduled. According to the montana legislature website sponsor of the bill representative john fuller. A republican from whitefish did not respond to a request for comment in an interview with montana. Free press fuller says. He opposes his treatment that could have lasting effects on young people's bodies a similar measure to the ban on trans athletes in school sports passing idaho legislature last year but has been blocked by federal court now an update from a story. We covered this week. Us supreme court reversed a pair. Rulings from federal appeals courts that have put death row inmate. lisa montgomery's execution on hold. The high court also denied to last minute request to postpone excution according to wire reports montgomery put to death by lethal injection at federal prison at tara hope soon after the court decision that happened at one thirty one. This morning she was the first woman to be put to death in federal prison since nineteen fifty. Three this is pms. Smoking turns out to be prevalent. Among people with substance use disorders fund tobacco. Prevention efforts often overlook this population centers. President mary ward says a recent community mini grant from the american heart association and blue cross blue shield of north carolina will allow the organization to expand its nicotine replacement therapy program for residential patients. And what we learned in survey and patience is that patients really were interested in receiving some type of therapy or care for nicotine addiction about one in four adults in the. Us has some form of a behavioral health condition and smokes. Nearly forty percent of all cigarettes consumed by adults according to the centers for disease control and prevention. I'm nadia ramlogan. Governor andrew cuomo uses third installment of the state of the state address wednesday to take on beating the challenges of climate change. Cuomo announced that the new york state energy research and development authority will contract for two new offshore wind projects generating twenty five hundred megawatts of clean electric power the largest offshore wind project in the country. Joe martin's z. New york offshore wind alliance in calls that a quantum leap forward towards meeting the goal of nine thousand megawatts by twenty thirty five as mandated by the climate leadership and community protection act. The governor signed in july. Two thousand nineteen are less than two years out in the state already contrasted for almost of that together also announced contracts for twenty four new solar projects that will generate a total of about twenty two hundred megawatts of power. I'm andrea sears. Reporting and finally our damn but are tells us to help. The next generation of farmers a west virginia community formed group is raising funds to acquire land for future growers in a former coal region. The west virginia green commons looks to buy an eighty two acre farm in fayette county with a ninety nine year lease according to ian mcsweeney with the agrarian trust which is working with the mountain state group. He says the average age of farmland owners is about sixty five and the cooperative farm will lower cost to make it easier for new growers to enter agriculture. Production listing farmers are aging out. The cost of farm land and farming is considerable which leads to thirty seven mid size farms. Day closing is just financially unsustainable for farmers tax it and next generation farmers to take over in a state with twelve million acres of farmland. The commons group wants to preserve appalachian way of life while also transforming formerly called dominated land. This is my clifford for public. Do servicemember analyst or supported heard i great radio stations across the nation and a line at public news service dot. Org it is a look at your local forecast from the heartland newsfeed weather center into will be blustery conditions today with a sixty percent chance of rain. Winds will gust as much as thirty miles from the southwest high temperatures in the mid forties. Tonight partly cloudy skies with a forty percent chance of rain low in the lower twenties friday. It will be cold in collier. There's a slight chance of snow showers in the morning high in the mid thirties. That's the latest twitter. Checkouts more news weather on our website at heart and newsfeed dot com sleeping bags so adam cook former military member himself. So he's coming from that perspective. If you want to join us six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty. We're going to go back to your calls and we'll give me update on what's happening. But i remembered. I spaced out right for the the end of the last segment. And we were talking about the hypocrisy of the right and the left and how i the right wingers or against the left wing people that are having protests. 'cause it's on quote violent even though the majority of them were completely peaceful and now and then of course the right wingers at the time were pro police will now the right wing is turning against the cops and good for them but now now the right wing. Supporting protests against the cops and other. Left-wing is against the protests and for the cops and you had the same behavior coming from consistency from people. Just yeah and so then. I pointed out you're talking about how like it wasn't just this. This has been going on for for a long time so you can go back over the last two decades for instance and look at the left wing and their antiwar left. During george bush. They disappeared during barack obama. And you made the point that they didn't come back during trump. And that's where. I spaced. On what i was going to say. And then i remembered right after we ended the segment. That what i wanted to say was the antiwar left or the left in general because the left in general sort of has this sort of demeanor of. We're less against war. Even though it's there's no real evidence for it the the left wing politicians are just as warmongering as as their right wing counterparts. So because they don't get held accountable and then here's what happened during trump was even though yes he did. Drop some bombs quite a few and killed some innocent people. No doubt about it. I'm not gonna take that away from him but he actually did do remove some troops from some of the places they were stationed and he did not start any new wars and he actually went to kim jong un and had meetings with the attempt to actually try to broker some peace between south and north korea which had never happened in the history of every president since the formation of north korea so trump actually deserve some credit for doing at least a little bit of some semi antiwar things compared to his predecessors kind of antiwar things. That's the best i can say but but my point was going to be the. Left-wing criticized him for this. They did every time. Trump pulled troops out of afghanistan or syria or wherever he pulled troops out of the left wing. Was like who the terrorists are gonna take over. Oh my god.

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