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Crowd back here a better than expected june jobs report two hundred twenty two thousand jobs are being taken as a sign that businesses are still hiring despite an economy that is growing at just one point four percent for all that robust job growth average hourly pay is just up two and a half percent from last year the unemployment rate did go up slightly largely because more people are looking for work you're listening to abc news two three at news radio 610 wtvn something monkeying around in dublin abc six the steve levin says police a call this morning that a noble monkey was spotted in the field area police tell us that they are not looking for this monkey right now but if they get more calls they will resume the search in the me time while police are not looking for this monkey lots of folks around here are in police say if there was actually a monkey running around they would have received a lot more calls to columbus zuni walls as they do not have any missing primates it was one of the worst kept secrets in ohio politics said i i am announcing that i am running to be the next governor of ohio and harry taylor making her intentions public today the city club of cleveland taylor was originally elected auditor estate in two thousand six then have to be john case x running mate in two thousand ten tiller becomes the fourth gop candidate to officially entered the race joining secretary of state john hughes said attorney general mike to wine and congressman jim rene seen ohio ranks third in the nation for the most jobs were cut last month andrew challenger with challenger gray and christmas settle high over port of more than eighteen hundred jobs cut last month alone bringing the state's year today totalled to just under twenty one thousand continued either retail sector walk job as more more of commerce and retail moved online at ohio where housing and retailers have seen the bunker that reduc and the retail sector lead was the most affected job industry i'm scott jennings stay connected to columbus and central ohio on the hour thirty minutes past stands news breaks you know you don't have to be a rocket science to know the gates blinds at.

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