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Offer a combo meal. But Oppa Papa Michael Brown joins me here in the former FEMA director Michael Brown round, you know, round out the situation with Michael Brown Plenty on K away news radio. I have money, Everybody welcome to almost a week away from the presidential election that is still going on. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is still going on. Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, came out today and made it made it abundantly clear. That the president United States Donald Trump, who is still president until at least January 20th at noon. Because every constitutional legal right to pursue whatever remedies that he wants to pursue to look for voter fraud irregularities or just out now cheating. I find it amazing. I know memories or short. I know that the year 2000 was a long time ago when I was back in the dark Ages, you know you have battling the dark ages. It was back in the year 2000. Well, he didn't. We didn't have a whole bunch of cable news talking heads that decided that if there was something on the fact that I don't I don't think in truth, I have to go back and check. Maybe he was just nascent. No. Yeah, maybe just two years old. I think Fox News may have been just two years old in 2000. Their their their motto was We report you decide. Today. Ryan and I in the afternoon program are getting to run Kaylie Mack and they need to press secretary for President Trump is coming into the Brady briefing room in the West Wing of the of the White House. And she's gonna hold a press conference and she's going to outline At least according to the details that we were getting prior to the to the conference. Actually, starting she was going to outline the president's different strategies, legal strategies that he was pursuing. In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia. And I think North Carolina to look for voter fraud. So look for cheating. And Kaylie Mack Unity. Started. We decided to roll on it. It's started. It's started during a break. So Ryan started rolling on it and recording it and we come back from the break. He starts to play it. 56 56 seconds him. My good friend. I mean, I I considering the good, close personal friend Neil Neil. Suddenly pops up in a box next to kill you, McEnaney. And says, Well, she's making and I'm paraphrasing here, but she's making some outlandish claims for which she has no evidence whatsoever. So we feel the incumbent that we not bring this to you. So I guess we've gone from re report to you Decide, too will decide what you get to think. I'm sending Neil and email tonight. I find that absolutely Unconscionable. I don't care if Kayleigh Mcenany walks out to the Brady to the podium of the Brady briefing room and starts talking about you know, the Sun's gonna rise in the West tomorrow. And we just found I don't know. We found I'll pick whatever stupid thing you could imagine. My brain's pretty numb right now. I'm just No, We're not going to cover that. Fox News has now descended into the same category is innocent. You see CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS all the rest of them. I think what we're when you think about going back to the year 2000. I remember it well. In here, 2000. On election night. Florida was cold. Parental door. Enflames call for George Bush. Al Gore came out. Made a confession speech, and then the night went on for a little bit, And then Al Gore came back and rescinded his concession speech. He said, No, I think there's some irregularities here. I want to. I want to pursue a recount. I want to see what I can do. And we were all like, Oh, my God, What's going on The end of civilization right now. That's not what we did. We went, Oh, that's kind of interesting. This is going to be fun. Let's what's the mayhem in Florida. So pretty much boiled down to Broward County in a couple of others. And in this in the ensuing days, a couple of times Bush would come out and make a couple of comments. But primarily it was James Baker, who was heading the recount effort in Florida. It was Ted Olson, who went on to become solicitor general who was whose wife Barbara Olson, was a good friend of mine was killed in the plane going Pentagon on 9 11. Ted Olson was arguing the case is before the Florida Supreme Court in the U. S Supreme Court and then every once a while. David boss, David Boies, who is the Attorney for Al Gore. He would come out and he would talk about stuff and nobody thought a thing about it here. Two sides battling out in the in the in courts a competent jurisdiction. By their side, you'll win or not with why recount should continue or not continue. How come Donald Trump? I mean, this is a serious questions, not a rhetorical question. Oh, I think I know the answer. But I still want you to think about the question. Why is Donald Trump not afforded that same kind of leeway? Hey, you know what? Um the networks? Yes, the networks have decided. That you haven't won.

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