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Momoh was pork with but it had like this sauce on the side i couldn't identify it was yellow and it looked like mustard but it didn't take tastes like most yellow meet none of side but it was pork in the in the in the momo but that food was spicy as fuck yeah i normally i'm good with spicy food but i wanted medium i think spice medium and my head was sweating i could feel pools of sweat on my scalp on my face and i want to die it's so fucking hot and recommended that's not fun to pass that no no but it's fun to eat okay so i take chili parlor last night that went through today and i was like oh say that all the time with spicy foods but like when we did the we did the hot ones challenge here of a while back when marcus through that like wings party he had wings up to like i don't know hundreds of thousands of scoville 's and i did every single one of them all the way to the worst one and everyone was just like yeah we're all gonna have terrible poos tonight and this is going to be terrible coming through the challenge is over and then i went and saw it with like ashley and shit no and i had a coffee at it and then then went home and i had no problems the entire night apparently it's the one thing my body can do is process spicy food afterwards did you have any sort of like milk or any basic i mean during we here at the event we had they had like some ice cream and milk and what else that might have helped but i figure still gonna pass right whenever i was whenever ended the gallon challenge for whatever we're seeing where i was like shitting milk literally shitting milk i hated being near you i know you probably had a terrible experience that i cannot be around someone who's like having vomit like guitar.

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