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I, promise it'll, be a good conversation all right cart thanks again and I'm looking forward to talk to you tomorrow, for whatever Friday, fun you, bring us you got all right we'll see you then that's great love that conversation every time I talk to curt, I'm just, impressed by how, much how much he knows, and? I'm not just saying that, because he's on, the air with me I'm really impressed with the guy I, wanted just bring something to you quickly I mentioned in passing yesterday, and I guess it was in the. Context of John McCain and Jeff flake in the Arizona primaries for those of you who are listening yesterday and we talked I probably didn't make the. Point is, completely as I should have how where almost wherever you look the establishment is getting Crushed and, if you look at the the, Florida gubernatorial primary so to, Santa's on the. Republican side who although he is a congressman is not really the establishment he also got the Trump endorsement he beat a, guy, who, had been well, known and. Well liked and a Trump supporter in Republican. Politics down there. In Florida. This guy had been a congressman and then it dental lot of things. And there was. No reason. To think. That the other guy. Wouldn't have. Been a great. Candidate and a great governor but, he was the establishment right even though he's only forty. Something years old I'm blanking on the other guy's name it even though. He's only forty something years old he'd been in Florida politics for almost twenty. Years and then you look, on the democratic side where Gwen Graham the daughter of one of the most famous politicians in Florida lost to a guy that very few people heard of a, very left wing African American progressive mayor of Tallahassee backed by Bernie, Sanders and George Soros then he'd, go out to Arizona And it's true Mentioned this yesterday true that the establishment candidate one on the Republican side, for Senate there but that's because the fact that there were two eighty s, stablishment candidates mitt those to split the vote and neither could get the Trump endorsement for situation that I won't. Go through again but if they're if only if Joe are Pyo had not gotten in, that Senate race Donald Trump would have been able to endorse Kelli ward who probably would have beaten Martha mcsally as it was mar as it was Kelli ward and Joe Arpaio split the vote and, Martha mcsally one Now I mentioned yesterday that there are different kinds of Republicans in the way. They're handling being in the Trump orbit, and I mentioned Lindsey Graham as, an example of a guy, who had a really bitter disagreements with President Trump going through the. Presidential primary season and. Has turned this around quite a bit to become close friends with Trump and they have this agreement that I describe it I. Don't mean it's an overt agreement but, I mentioned this on the air yesterday where Bram mostly says nice things. About Trump when he says things that aren't so nice he doesn't do it, too aggressively and Trump just ignores it and lets it go this is what people like John McCain and Jeff. Flake and Bob corker and some others haven't learned didn't learn Ben Sasse as well as, should be on that list they didn't learn it so I mentioned this yesterday and I thought it was just so perfect that there was a news story from the hill yesterday the headline is Graham Quote a lot of people have been burned by being in Trump's orbit now when you. Just hear that headline And it's at the hill dot com which, is not as much of a left-wing outlet is a lot, of other places when, you just hear that headline it sounds like it's going to be a story about Lindsey, Graham trashing Donald Trump but it, actually isn't that it's a, story that actually reinforces exactly what. I said yesterday and I think it's very important not just for the, Senate but for, American politics right, now so when it talk about it a little bit more right after this Michael Brown. Afternoons four, to seven the democratic nominee for four of the governors are far left mayor with a corruption investigation you know sounds like the second Comey Obama typical democrat Thursday at four for more Reverend talkradio Georgetown loop railroad invites you to tall tales and. Tommy knockers your hunted journey begins with a van ride from devil's gate station in Georgetown. To the Lebanon mine once there you'll be greeted by your host and taken on. A, tour of the Lebanon mine were the legends of the Tommy knockers. And other ghost stories will come alive Hunt you Saturdays through October six departures at six PM for reservations call triple. Eight four five six six seven seven seven or visit Georgetown.

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