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Next thing, remember they? They won two tournaments two regular season Mac championships. They won the match West eight times over during his tenure. He's one four hundred twenty eight Games during his college coaching, career and Steve Hawkins joins us here on the all ball pod hawk. How are you? I'm doing well. How much self! I'm good. I'm trying to think back. Snow Valley but I. Don't remember why I'm here and I don't remember if you were actually my head coach or simply a coach there because I'll tell you why want to get to do what? What do you remember, but I Snow Valley Basketball Westmont College in Santa, Barbara, what are your memories when I bring that camp up? Do you really want me to say. That, you like. Everybody knows I was an asshole when I was a kid. I'm an asshole now. So what's the difference at? Okay, we'll in good. You can say about yourself. No it was Snow Valley Basketball Camp and Gosh Almighty I'm GonNa say late. Eighties maybe maybe early nineties and Charlie Sands and heard Lizzie the outstanding. The directors of the camp come to me after about day. One of this particular weaken said Hey, listen. We got a kid. Okay, and I'm telling you now. He's a pain in the ASS but we think you're the guy to handle them. And, I said okay, so they put they put you on my team and You weren't an issue. Yeah, you question things. You went an issue at all so? From then on so I don't know how you were I mean I'm going to say middle school maybe. I went there i. went there I think from like. Time. I was ten or eleven, probably till I was like fourteen. Maybe maybe they'll let me so part of the deal was this. I think it was a Freebie. Right, so. It's it's one thing to be a pain. The like I was more of a pain in the ass in the dorms, just playing pranks and being jackass ever taking out the slats of bunks, putting icy, hot, and in a roommates underwear like that that kind of stuff. Right like not now. I love basketball like that wasn't the issue. It was just you know I like to. That was my way of having a good time. But, it's one thing to be a pain in the ASS. It's nothing when everybody else's parent is paying probably at the time three hundred bucks, and you're not you know your your dad's doing grads and and I. Don't know if you remember. They used to be two sessions, and so you know one session would end on like a Saturday midday, and the next session would start on a Sunday afternoon, and so I would stay for the. The, My Dad, my dad would take me up and drop me off and then hey, will come get him in two weeks right so then so like they're doing a solid of letting you stay for that extra day when no one's around all these things for you're doing it for free and then yeah, you're paying the ass in the dorm so I I think that's why irritated herb and Charlie more than more than anything else. I think he. It was it was a boot camp? It was unbelievable. I I've been working for a company called Sports World that ran all of John Wooden camps, and as long as Pat Riley's at the time. people like that and I was working I was my that was my summer job, and then I and then I. Found about Snow Valley through a mutual friend, also work these camps up. There was like holy cow country club. Nothing cooked wooden camps where country club, but the first session of Snow Valley was. Six Am. And the last game went off at midnight. You know so. It was I. Remember Travelers. Sam's coming out and saying hey. To Campers as four hundred campers there sleep is overrated. Now's the first line every week at Camp in the campaign. Go crazy and. Then yeah, it was, it was solid. That's for sure. Yeah I first day and a half. No basketball, right, you do shooting drills. No basketball footwork defense spacing all a little things. This isn't this honest question? I don't know if you know the answer they still have. They sold Snow Valley the the Westmont version of it and she to the Nike Camps, whatever and there's also one at UC Santa Barbara. There's one in Iowa I've been told. Some of the same coaches run it. Are there this summer. Are there any? Other basketball camps like that around period, and are there any basketball camps that are going to be around this summer? No I don't think that they're number one on Snow Valley I'm not sure what happened to it. I I believe that and I. Don't WanNA speak completely out of place here Doug but I believe that snow valid. There was a guy named Don show Walter who's very very heavy with with USA basketball and he used to work tremendous person and used to work coach witness camps with them as well and I believe that he got involved with no valley. And that may be the I because he was high school coach at Iowa, but in terms of camps I don't know of anybody that has been cleared because of Covid I don't know of anybody that has been cleared to have. Basketball Camps the summer I spoke with Mick Cronin out at UCLA We texted back and forth, and I know they weren't having any. That was as Gosh Almighty maybe three four weeks ago. How what was that? How did you get to boot work? John Wooden can't because I know you got a chance to be really close with coach wooden especially in the summers. How'd that come to be? Yeah, as I was, I was coaching in southern. California was I just graduated from high.

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