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Charleston they on the other hand now there shoot pretty well they are sixteen out of thirty five overall forty six percent for outta six from three point range sixty seven percent bought out a jet from the free throw line for fifty percent eighteen rebounds they've only turn the ball over three times i or let in scoring by two players elite dot him at lavender word with canopies seven points for jail a brown hey like they korea smith have six points two point for like shea watched and a lift alleviate jefferies played but has not scored this is our first of four games were bringing who exclusively on five eighty gabbert you see a jess were about ten seconds away from the start of the third quarter what's update you quick playoffs scott late college scores in the big twelve right now leading kansas fifty six fifty three with six and a half to go with the game and up at oregon town texas tech has eight twenty seven twenty six lead over west virginia with three minutes at twenty six seconds to go from big twelve women's action nuts a good for the layton out here is fifty two to thirty nine i was state in the lead by thirteen with six thirty not to go in that ball game so here the third place gave betray george washington m's ouch also look like both teams going with their starters for mallory million dollars a old self than harm to send for sao charleston done a baker smith word and taylor brown g dud starts out with the opening possession they work at the basket to our right cross court pass quick catch and shoot through mcmillan he doesn't get it to all he gets road rebound picks it back out high for a three from torrey self it will not now ari runs down the rebound he gets.

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