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Six John Aaron WTOP news he sees daycare centers are scrambling to survive these days they've been shut out of the federal stimulus money and are desperately waiting for the kids to return to get the bills paid The Washington Post reports many child care operators had collected fees from March so they had a little cushion now that we're heading into may the cache is running out or has run out some say if it goes on much longer without the customers coming back they may have to close for good it's ten oh five Maryland's governor is pushing back on reports that only a few of the five hundred thousand covert nineteen tests recently flown in from South Korea have ever been used on unspecified number of coronavirus test kits from South Korea have already been delivered to Maryland's eastern shore according to governor Larry Hogan we have a whole tree operate on eastern shore we have thousands of those fast over there now Purdue stadium in Salisbury Wicomico county health officials working to get the new testing center up and running said they didn't have specifics on how many tests were on hand and how many of those had come from South Korea Hogan speaking to Washington post live pushed back against the post own report from Wednesday that indicated few of the five hundred thousand test flown from South Korea at a cost of more than nine million dollars and actually being put to use Hogan said the test will be used as part of the mandatory screening program at all of the state's nursing homes we're doing that with those Korean test that we're just talking about Kate Ryan WTOP news social distancing means large gatherings of people are a no go that includes graduation ceremonies but school leaders are finding some creative ways to honor the class of twenty twenty more than three hundred fifty graduating seniors from Louisa county high school in Virginia were given the time to appear at the football stadium in their cap and gown during the five day stretch each name was announced on the stadium's speakers graduates receive their diplomas and honors and took pictures with mom and dad it was different for sure but parent Jacqueline Washington tells NBC twelve it was still a special moment you did want to get weepy because if you hear your child's name we get to see them go across the stage by high school plans to release the video of those exercises and class features on the day the graduation was originally scheduled to be held mark Lewis WTOP news and coronavirus claims a fixture of Maryland's political calendar the Maryland Tawes crab and clam bake a originally set for July fifteenth is being pushed back to the fall thousands attend that event every year with election years being the most popular the events new date hasn't quite been sacked she manages a food pantry and her work has grown with the covert nineteen outbreak for her tireless efforts she's.

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