China, United States, Yellow River discussed on 24 hour News


Chinese but rather had a peaceful peninsula as such that was not militarize the way it is they could then the korean people could be united they could be prosperous they could not present a threat to anybody in the region that will be in china's longterm interests right now the threat of the united states being on their border if they're worried united career under the circumstances were there were a separate only by the yellow river right so there's a way to resolve this and i think the president is correct i give him credit when he is correct that the chinese have more to do they can infect squeezed the north koreans to the point where they could almost break them they're worried about the flux of people who would scatter to the north refugees refugees or military and those gathering to the south is for the south koreans concern so i've always tried to encourage let's have a a plan here what happens if things go south what do the chinese to what do we do if we see millions of people coming over the gms heading to seoul other refugees are these soldiers do they get shot at do the get welcomed in the same thing for the chinese so this is potentially very volatile from both so i think there's a deal to remade i think the chinese are the biggest players with the russians and readiness to that we could work out these just agreements if we sat down and said let's let's find a way to peacefully reunite the peninsula six years can we talk a little bit about the war of words that happened over the last week between president trump and kim jongun there was a lot of concern of what the.

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