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We're going eastbound forty four northbound Broadway southbound thirty north and northeast fiftieth wrote king total traffic mild tonight, low of forty two and then tomorrow, partly cloudy with a high of sixty eight just a slight chance of rain in the afternoon. Well, judging from early voting state election board secretary, Paul Zurich says there will be long lines at the polls tomorrow, so voters should be prepared and Oklahoma at least in elections where there's an open seat for governor compared to win an incumbent governor is running for reelection in his favourite free election. Our our turnout does seem to go up when there are open gubernatorial seats in Oklahoma voters will elect a new governor between Republican Kevin stead, democrat, drew. Edmonson and just a reminder also from the state election board that if you don't vote tomorrow, and you encounter a problem like you're not listed as a registered voter, the state election board says don't leave without casting a provisional. Ballot. Election officials will research your records and determine if your ballot should be counted. And Oklahoma City man in custody for allegedly threatening to use an explosive to kill people. Here's Katie okays, Calvin right? Authorities say thirty two year old. Amir mad Yazdi was seen taking suspicious photos at the Oklahoma City national memorial, then called a sister in Iran and said something big was going to happen and hundreds of people were going to die. Now. Police say they found no signs of a bomb when they went to new Biaz dis apartment he was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. One of the two surviving sisters of that triple shooting last week near the town of new yucca. In oak Mogi county has been. Declared brain dead in a news release today. The Mogi county sheriff's office says sixteen year old khloe taller ver is being kept alive. Long enough for her organs to be donated. She was shot in the head as she was sleeping in her own bed. Allegedly by her mother thirty nine year old Amy hall who also shot and killed her eighteen year old brother Cason tolliver. Her fourteen year old sister was also wounded sheriff's investigator destined Todd says the complaint against Amy hall will now be modified to include an additional charge of first degree murder, and there was a fatal head on crash this morning in northeast Oklahoma City, a taxi and another vehicle collided near northeast twenty-third and Bryant one person was killed three people were taken to a hospital in critical condition. News four is reporting that the driver of the vehicle that hit the taxi forty eight year old Charles greenfield was arrested. He is still in hospital, though, police believe that he was driving under the influence of drugs and. A federal trial began today in New York City over challenges to the federal government's decision to put a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census dozens of states and big cities have filed lawsuits claiming the question will discourage immigrants from participating now. Oklahoma attorney general Mike counter filed a brief back in June. Supporting the question, he said for the census to not collect data about citizenship makes no sense. He says those who oppose the question stand to disadvantage minority communities and make legislative redistricting more difficult.

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