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Andy's microphone like the little headsets. We wore was rubbing against his cheek that way. I'm yelling at the TV vote. Yeah. Well, the the alliance I'm sure is trending may promote local businesses. Well, you know, you couldn't if you're in the crowd, you can't even umbrella going to a football game. It's like concert when it's raining. You can't have an umbrella. However, if you're up on stage trying to carry on a conversation in a broadcast. See through and bra right? I think that would be okay. Leslie. Chrissy teigen. I. Had an umbrella at that point. Food. Yeah. But, but you know, Kristie Galera performed in her make was just running down her face. And I mean, it could be dangerous performing with a lotta chords in Blaine anyway. Yeah. Yeah. I don't ever want to wear my diaper and go there and do that, you know, what you have so many that must be a money maker Laurie. Because here's how many different shows there was there was the Ryan Secrest dick Clark one that was on ABC to do like that one Donnie was your basic Ryan secrets fourteen. Got it down to a science. He does. Then. There was Anderson Cooper in an and and they were, you know, the CNN then there was the NBC's than there was a Steve Harty for Steve Harvey from Fox News. And then there was ninety city watch the CW meaning a lot of people. The CW who was hosting that. I only saw was musical accident..

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