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Showed anticipation was a five was always very very excited i was reminded this morning of a quote from the film zombie land weirdly where emily stain is about to meet bilberry and she says oh he's got this direct line to my funny vine and that's the exactly it within each he was me i've heads countless hours laughing at his shows it is phones and so i went and with the highest of hopes three the saved by the festive final lacks i think for very different reasons and by there's little there's it'll pockets of deliver insertive in throughout and then i've stuck to me three fokker a reflection i am i tried you know went home in a red though the hype in a try to amass myself in it and give him the benefit of the dow in where it wasn't a terrible film it was in the film lied gordon hoping for foreign uttam i think probably four four three vote through your honour would look to reward especially early on when the when the really kind of recurring or walked through in him in the immediate aftermath of stalin's death may below the jokes get lost his low of subtle name calling and disconnect kathy remarks they throw each other wish i'd love to just revisit that because i think is this is vase very funny it's a tremendous ensemble cast isn't it but it doesn't have the become machinegun loft deliver that you might expect from his previous were it made me think of dario fo achieved the tone of the shown that kind of marrying of political satire an an really dark humor for me that's quite high praise i was really looking forward to it wasn't the film i thought it was going to be but i really enjoyed anywhere i'll give it.

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