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To jail on money you are back it's Jill on money and we're in the concluding stage of our interview with Chris gill about he is the author of the one hundred dollar start up one hundred side hustles side hustle I think this guy's got a lot of hi mediations on a similar theme what is it that differentiates a gig verses a side hustle I think the gig is usually like the boring horrible thing you just do for money I think that the cool thing about a side hustle is that it can often bring you these really cool benefits it can make you feel like you're exploring a creative side of your life and in many respects according to Chris gill about it can give you a much broader sense of control over your work life that you don't feel beholden so much to just your your day job so in the concluding part of our interview with Chris gill about we are going to talk a little bit more about why that side hustle can be so important in our lives I think what's interesting is that the sense of control is huge for me and I think that when people feel like they're in control of even just one sliver of their lives because life is messy it's hard right and if I can just do this and I feel in control and even as you said does not be a ton of money but you know if you really consider this if if the average household in the United States makes fifty or sixty thousand dollars and there's some way that you can find a few hundred Bucks every single month that actually is a big difference yeah and that can mean the difference between you being able to pay down that student loan down much faster right might be the difference between your just your head being a little bit clearer and maybe do you think that perhaps this makes them better at their day jobs sometimes it does right yes and that's what I would say no because I think that the idea of exploring something creatively opens you up to different experiences and opens the door for you to maybe have a different idea work and I think one of the the problems that I hear about all the time for people who work in these big companies is that the idea of innovation and creativity has is talked about but not practice right right right and so where can you find that in your life and boy it feels good when you find that right now and it's exciting yeah it could also make you not to do a better job at work I can make you more valuable I work as well you know I it was actually in the last book I have the story this woman who crave this business of like personalized candy hearts and she really did very well said six hundred thousand dollar a year business but it's it's extremely seasonal and everything happens around downtown stay so she kept her her day job and and enjoy that but thanks again for a raise it a certain way they found out what she's doing it offsets toy fine but they were worried about losing her you know it's funny so they gave her race so she's obviously doing well in all parts of the equation what do you feel like is the you know kind of like you're learning if you could go back to you know you're twenty something self right in your like in West Africa do whatever you're doing what was it that you really thought you were so sure about in your twenties that now you wish you could have given a gift to yourself from it would be some sort of emotional confidence or some sort of more belief in myself or like self awareness it's it be something like that I don't quite know exactly how to how to finance that's one aspect of it and the other aspect would be like Hey you know a whole bunch of exciting stuff is going to happen you know over the next ten twenty years get ready and jump right in and it's in don't ways basically and whenever you whenever an opportunity comes along that scares you say yes so what do you do for yourself to continue my motivating yourself and what do you do to spark inspiration idea projects I do stuff I was challenging and I think for me like one of the definitions of like happiness or contentment a meeting or whatever is striving challenging myself and I don't feel challenged in some way then I'm not growing and I think that's you kind of stagnate if you're not in that situation I think it's so some poor in this is like the giving up thing people are told that you have to focus and you have like that you have to just do one thing maybe alternately that's an answer for a lot of people but when you're twenty one or twenty five or whatever the ages how do you know what the one thing is like why do you find out is by doing a bunch of different things you're really trying to like break into something or start a business or whatever why would you just say yes to everything that comes along and then as you need to filter then you can't later and I think what's interesting about that is I know that this generation so let's think about workers who are in their twenties right now I feel bad for them because you know younger to middle age millennials who came of age during a financial crisis and a great recession and there is great financial and economic uncertainty and so so many of them seem to be pushing through on a pathway they feel they must be on well you know I've got this dead I have to be able to pay it off and to do this and this is how I get from a to B. to C. and I think that many of the people that are most interesting to me that I need are the ones that zigzag like I went to a then I went to and then I want to do and then I went dizzy and that's kind of where I got where I sort of sad for them that they don't wanna kinda amble yeah I mean most successful people in you know successful being defined as there FOR Felder doing something that they want to do and other people can look and recognize the excellence in them I think most successful people have animals I often encounter so I'm in my fifties right so I encounter my friends my family some of my coworkers who seem kind of just fried and they are incredibly success of Saint Paul area right from the outside but they are disgruntled or on I think you're just burnt out in Somers was on like right and so I think that developing a side hustle at that point could be fantastic also because you know we're living longer and doing something in being productive and feeling ambitious and striving I think those are really nurturing and I think their life affirming and I think that you know when I hear about people say I'm just gonna higher when I'm sixty one and play golf I just I worry I worry for them yeah know for sure I know we talked about my grandfather last summer's here he was a merchant marine and then worked in now said the Marshall space flight center on for twenty years now to creating a mandatory retirement saying I forget it was I guess I should before he was sixty even and he lived thirty more years and he wasn't always that happy we didn't do a whole lot and in the rest of us in the family and he's he's passed on now but the rest of us we reflect on him or like he could have had a whole other career yeah we could have but at that time you know it's like your disposed to retire and you know stuff but I could have done something he was still so it's like the prime of his intelligence and faculty is when he had to retire and so yeah I wish it on that so and that's so interesting because I really believe that we are not meant to be idle we are just not gonna percent agree thanks so much to Chris gill about will link up to all of his great stuff I he's a good friend of mine and so I encourage you to check out.

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