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Burs radio on the call. Yes. That happened yesterday. The Iraqis did battle back, but ultimately lost in extras atom Avino giving up an oath to RBI single by Mike Mushtaq stock is and look I've said this on the show, but blacks biggest weakness is also what makes him a beloved manager and a good manager. He trusts his team too much. Hot diggity. Scott over just struck out Jonathan scope, and I think that was Lorenzo Cain. And we headed to the eighth Rockies down one nothing which kind of ruins by chronological thing. I had going on here. But since it was happening. And I apologize for using the words hot diggity. I want to say something else, but I'm on radio, and I'm also at a high school football game. So I figured language is important. But anyway yesterday. Butt-black? He trusts his guys too much, and they in Edney, I think his team would say would drop the too much part. They just feel like butt-black has their back and not he's not going to you know, he's not going to. Do anything. He's gonna say, you know, what Adam you go out there. And you you do it man. I trust you to take down this guy, and he didn't and it costs them. Again, it makes him a great manager. But it also costs a mini costs the Rockies. And now here they are trailing one nothing going to the eighth. The crazy thing is that Jeremy Jeffress is up in the bullpen. I thought four sure that you would see Josh hater close out this baseball game. If the brewers had the lead because after the Rockies were able to tag, Jefferson, it could have been worse thing about if Charlie Blackman's hit down the right field line was a centimeter to the left. We might be talking about one nothing lead for the Rockies in the series. So I am shocked that Jeffress is gonna get another chance here. I guess the argument would be you had to bring in. Because the Rockies had end Desmond at third with. Nobody out you had to bring in Josh hater to try and get that third out against Charlie Blackmon. So it's not that they wanted to bring in Jeffrey. But you see they I would imagine that they wanted to try to conserve Josh hater if they can or at least not over extended so Rockies are we in for a nother late inning comeback. We will find out but hurt on Peres's RBI ground rule. Double the difference. Right now, Tyler Anderson was good again. You gotta give it to the guy. He was he was lights out against the nationals. And he pitched well today got in a couple of James, but was able to get out of it. And now it's just on this offense that again just doesn't like scoring in the first what seven or eight innings of these games. We'll keep you updated the best we can. And of course during football nine. The springs will have one eye out on it as well. There are other things going on in the world of Colorado sports. So let's get to it with story. Number two. Not.

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