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Whether it was your own by accident, or maybe not, by accident or wow, that that person's nude or partially nude right there, and I can't believe this is happening. Runnings with nakedness. You know why we're going to be talking about this, But if you don't By the way, 617 to 66 68 68. That's the number to call the reason why we got talking about this lightning is, you know my favorite story of the day it comes out Hopkinton. Apparently yesterday, around 6 30 in the morning, Hopkinton police got several calls that alleged that there were a couple of people walking a dog whilst naked. Lucy, the dog. Don't get out of yourself Lightning. Just Lucy the dog. Lucy was being walked by one gentleman who was waving the Lucy, too. If you add that was due to much of a stretch, and let's not sully the good name of Lucy the dog here by doing any version thereof. But there's so much to this story that I just absolutely love and it gets me to thinking Have you had a recent run in with nudity 617 to 66 68 68. Now the story is The cops show up. Toe Hayden Rose Street and indeed There are two people, a man and a woman. The woman's 30 to the guys, 30 that are walking a medium sized black dog named Lucy down the street and they are head to toe nude, completely nude. The story from the Metro West, then adds this unnecessary aside. According to the officer's Lucy is a very good dog. Guy started laughing when I saw that too good today. I don't feel like the quality of of animal has anything to do with the fact that the people walking said animal were nude. Like normally, I'd be clothed officer, but this pit bulls been giving me trouble. So I had to go clothes list. I gotta I don't get what that has to do with anything, but it's in there. Apparently Lucy's a really good dog. Don't sully Lucy don't lump her in with the owners, if indeed there, the dog's owners Anyway. Here's where the story gets particularly interesting for me. The cops show up in these two are walking the dog nude into the cops say, um, What do you doing Nude? Apparently the answer, and it's unclear whether it was the woman or the man that did it. Yelled, belligerently back at their at the officer's something to the effect of none of your bleeping business. So lighting understand? Cop says Quick question. Why you guys nude? Answer None of your bleeping business. Wouldn't the cops answer B and I'm assuming it was in this case. Actually, it is my business. I need to know while you're nude, But what happens is so they get a little aggressive with the cop like, what do you beefing with us for? We're just walking our dog. The office is Look, we're gonna have to gonna have to run you here. If you're going to be new, they then take off on foot Lightning. They start running. Because they're so not in love with cops and the hassling that they somehow think they the nude dog walkers think that they will outrun these cops. They have shoes on. I assume not. I think they were literally on foot Well. As the As the Metro West puts it, there was a short foot pursuit, police caught up to him rather quickly. The couple struggled violently with the cops. One of them was struck several times by the female and the male also struck apparently somebody while trying to be arrested, one officer to be treated for minor injuries Fine No one was hurt in the arrest seriously, and both have been charged with indecent exposure and assault and battery on a police officer. While well, I want to know. Did the dog run away with them? Two were like where they still what do we do with Lucy? Now? They've got these two. You know, these two owners here that are rather belligerent. And can we trust them to be good caretakers for Lucy as this winds through the courts? I don't know. I have no idea like did they drop the leash and run or did they run with the lesion Was Lucy in on the action, Like you know what I'm saying? That's what I want to know. Part of me wants a recreation of this part of me. Doesn't lightning. I don't A big part of me wants a video of this. Yeah, I don't know that I do want to video this, though. Uh dio ideo. Here's the question Pretty simple. Have you had a run in with nudity recently or not even your best runnin with nudity. Let's put it that way. I feel like this one. People that there had to be people on that street That sort of saw some version of this going on, obviously because they called the cops that one's pretty good. You remember? Not too long ago Lightning. It was down in Maryland, where There was the report of the I think it was a guy that every day goes out and checks his mailbox node. Oh, I remember that what I thought I was in the underwear. Oh, I think he was reporting was really nude. Yeah, And so the cops had to put out the A P B. Anybody seemed the man that's naked, checking his mail. And also, we'd like to remind everybody that we don't want you checking your mail in the nude. So those air too quick examples of nudity in 2020 that have gone on. I need to remind you of our of our recent nude beach caller Lightning. Oh, yeah, Well, I got a couple texts, stories I can read you here. Feel like okay, 617 to 66 68 68. Your recent story of nudity, Dex line is 70470 Go ahead. Lightning. It's a 978 v. B. This happened to me. I passed out at a party on the toilet with my pants around my ankles. I woke up to my buddy standing in front of me with his phone out, along with two other females who wanted to use the restroom. I stood up and said, Hey, ladies with a smile. Porta pulled up my pants and walked away. His friend never lets him live it down. That's like a drunken get old escapade that you know you yet it up. That's more of the stupidest thing you've ever done drunk, but also, how do you turn lemons into lemonade? Look, you're down with your pants around your ankles. What you gonna do? Gonna stand up and say, Hey, ladies like that's I feel like that wasn't a bad ender for him. Actually, it's someone you gotta own this thing you, you put yourself in that bad situation, So you've got to make the best of it. You can. Hey, ladies isn't a bad way to handle out. We've got another 1617 says Phoebe a few years ago on a back road in the Hampshire along the Swift River. Not 10 feet off the road was a couple both of them naked in the day they were, you know they were that day They were both naked, having a very intimate relation for all to see. Luckily, it was her road less travelled, And so the guy's driving down the road and he's just like, Oh, there's a couple over there on the side of the road getting after it. How does that come to bay? I don't know Bay. Apparently, they were ready to get asked hiking in the woods and you're like What do you think you're feeling? What I'm feeling You're into this right now. And you're Yeah, And then like.

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