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Morning it's cold when temps in the 20s and a low 30's and now the fog is developing in it's fake in it's going to turn into some freezing fog leading the black ice and some slippery pavement step so take it easy out they're for the morning commute or what to the bus stop you don't want to fall temps eventually back in the upper 40s to about fifty with sunshine mid day or at least a little bit of that and it's not gonna last long lists clouds they can up really quickly where right back to about fifty degrees and then a chance for rain overnight into wednesday morning in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell thirty five degrees with partly cloudy sky guys in downtown seattle twenty minutes of nonstop news continues on komo komo news time is now four thirty six the cost overruns are piling up for sound transit light rail expansion to lynnwood komos charlie harger has a look at the numbers of seattle times reports that projected costs were sound transit its new light rail line a lynnwood has increased by five hundred ten million dollars there appear to be several factors to blame including increased labor costs pricey real estate market and fewer qualified contractors able to bid because there are so many major construction projects underway right now sound transit says is working to substantially trim costs critics say this is what they feared when they oppose the project at the outset charlie harger komo news a seattle police officer pleaded not guilty in a wage theft case king county prosecutors say michael stanka wits a supervisors discovered discrepancies in his time record in the amount of nearly twenty four thousand dollars is charged with firstdegree theft and is now on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the case the washington state patrols looking for a.

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