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And similar to Kansas City, you know, if you look at buffalo, they have that one explosive guy in Diggs, Kansas City has the one explosive guy in tyreek hill. And we saw on Sunday, Green Bay limited hill to four catches 37 yards, and there was no explosiveness to that offense for Kansas City on Sunday. And buffalo's going through some of those same things right now. I would say though buffalo, at least they have Beasley. They do have a manual Sanders, maybe Sanders hasn't played as well as they were hoping he would. But, you know, buffalo, when you look at how teams are defending them, it would make sense to have digs and then somebody else on the other side like OBJ. That makes it very difficult. Back to my question that I wanted to ask you a minute or two ago, do you like it for the Patriots? Your personal opinion, should they go after OBJ? Do you like it? Why? Not, or why so? I do, I came around on it. I wrote a column this weekend about it. It basically stayed in the case four and against Odell Beckham junior to the Patriots. And in the end, I came out for. And I was a little bit surprised that I did, because he's not my type of guy. I am not, I don't want to invite the headache, especially since I think I have growing something with this patriots team sort of reestablishing who they are. They've won three games in a row. You have a young quarterback why put more on his plate than he already has. But here's why I came down on, I think they should sign them. And I think they're going to make a very hard run in him. I look at more for next year. And I look at this as more of a tryout process to sort of see, because this season, look, could the Patriots make a Cinderella run and be the first team ever to go to a Super Bowl with a rookie quarterback? Yes. But history tells us it's not going to happen. You know, so the best you're hoping for really for the Patriots is a strong finish to the regular season. Contend for the divisional title with the bills sort of slipping here. Winning a game or two in the postseason, but really building towards next year. When everybody's been in the program, they get a full off season, all that stuff. And I look at next year, the Patriots depth chart for wide receiver. We pretty much know that Nikhil Harry is going to be on. You know, he's going to be a free agent. Are they going to bring them back? I mean, maybe on the cheap if he goes out there and he doesn't have anything. But they're not relying on Nikhil Harry for anything. And then you also have to look at Nelson Aguilar. I don't think he's been bad so far. I've been, you know, he's been fine. Could they look for better? Could they say, you know what? That contract now doesn't look so great for the production that we're getting. Remember, he signed a two year contract, so they can get out of the contract next year. If they want to. And it would actually save them cap space..

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