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For. NPR comes from national car rental. Who wants you to know that with a membership in our complimentary Emerald Club you can skip the counselor and choose any car in the aisle at participating national locations you can even select an upgrade without paying extra learn more at national car dot com slash? NPR for today's indicator is nine hundred and seventy million that is the estimated number of video streaming subscriptions that are expected to exist in the next x five years And most people in the US they account for one or two of those. Yes at least right now most people in the US say they're willing to spend around twenty bucks per month on streaming which is like no it's a two streaming services maybe three and so these services are in this really tight competition with each other over those dollars. So Sam let's profile some of the League warriors and the streaming war. Oh Yeah let's start with the big one net flicks. It has almost one hundred and sixty million subscribers shocking. That's a lot. I didn't know that much. That is why they charge about nine bucks a month. A lot of folks say that it could be in trouble because net flicks is losing all these big shows like friends and the office to these other new streaming services and the thing about net flicks. Is that friends in. The office. Are Their two biggest shows. Most Watch on Netflix. In terms of minutes watched the old shows do so much better better than all of Netflix original content. Yeah and like I. It's it's much more economical than original content. Because you know people are going to love it you know it's going to be a hit and if you make your own content like queer eye and ozarks. They've definitely made some hits. But you just don't misses a lot of them. Are Mrs so now. Let's just lost all of these. These shows that that have been. It's like it's cash cows. It's losing its main business. So they're in trouble so the second big gun is Amazon. Prime Amazon prime has about one hundred million Liam subscribers they own a bunch of shows and make original shows like the Marvelous Mrs Mazel and the man in the high castle but they have a secret superpower which is that Amazon prime streaming comes with Amazon prime shipping so they can probably afford to be a bit lazy on content. Currently it's about thirteen dollars a month. The streaming almost almost feels like secondary. Yeah it's like the the side dish to getting things shipped to you really fix exactly. And then there is Hulu with twenty eight million subscribers. which is the home of handmaid's tale and now love island solution? Start at six dollars. But who has the service where you can pay to subscribe to just streaming TV so a lot of people. Use It to watch the Olympics. And Sam didn't you signed up to watch the World Cup. I did so. I signed up for the live TV streaming on Hulu to watch the World Cup. But I gotta say Stacy wasn't the best experience because the screen froze a lot. It was no boundary. Maddie buffering. Yo It's back and then on top of I forgot to move the live streaming service or whatever from my Hulu subscription So now that I think about it talking to you I'm still paying forty bucks a month for Hulu really. Ah Stacey there's more Yeah next up is apple. TV plus they have the splashing new show which everyone's been seen gene ad for that TV news. Show with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon. They also have Oprah's book club. I Would Watch Oprah's book the heck out out of that five dollars a month five dollars a month I might do that. That is like super. I mean who knows if it will stay at that price but five dollars a month is good. Then there's HBO Max which is coming next year from Warner Media and SAM. This is where you will now have to find friends and other. Hbo Shows like succession. And Am also sesame street especially street and succession are going to be seen full service. I know it's a little. Oh more expensive. It's fifty packs and then stacey there is more probably what will soon become the big Kahuna Disney. Plus tomorrow it's supposed to be the monster Mr of online streaming. Not only will Disney have all the you know Disney movies. It'll have all the marvel comic stuff and all the Pixar stuff and all the national geographic stuff and star wars star wars could probably have its own streaming site and he's just fine and in fact like the shows that Disney is developing for the streaming. Service has caused all this excitement. That's according to Jessica Reef Erlich. She's an analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and she was actually at an analyst meeting at Disney when they introduced Disney anyplace there were audible gasping room when they started talking about mandatory him. Give it to what of their original shows. It is a star wars. Spin off and Jessica Jessica says there was a second gasp and then the second one time was when they announced the which was shocking. Love seven dollars a month. That's pretty good. So if you add all all that up so far it's fifty five dollars a month for all those streaming packages. Yes and there are a whole bunch of other streaming services cropping up there's ESPN plus food network plus Youtube Streaming Channel Peacock is getting launched by NBC and that will have the office and Battle Star Galactica and saved by the bell and cheers and thirty rock. I've even mincing ads for B. E. T. plus O'Grady's upcoming streaming service and they're boasting about being able to offer the entirety of Tyler. Perry media pack cattle does zipping catalog. This formidable it's all just so much like it's too many services it's all annoying expensive in confusing you don't know want brothers created friends or that. NBC You on the Office you. It comes very difficult to find the shows that you're looking for. They won't all be in one place anymore. So Jessica look at things that most of these services will not survive. They won't get enough subscribers. I also think that like as this stuff becomes more cluttered and confusing. I'll just use all the services less when it stops becoming easy to figure out. What watching her so Jessica thanks to survive? The streaming services will end up looking a lot like the old cable packages so the big streaming packages But with a twist. The crazy twist is like these. Bundles aren't just going to be other streaming sites bundling together. It's going to include all kinds of things including like physical hardware. Apple's GONNA use Apple. TV Plus it's new streaming service as kind of a bonus apparently to get people to buy you know the newest phone or or special computers or a TV Disney snia Portland with verizon. So if you get an unlimited verizon wireless plan you will get the Disney streaming service for free and you'll get a deal if you sign a three year contract contract. It's a lot three year contracts with no cable package. NFL phone contract and an annoying apple equipment upgrade all in one. Do you know what it feels like. Sam What does it feel likes. They sort of feels like consumers are always stuck in second gear. It's like it has been our day or month or Stacey When the rain starts to fall today's episode of the indicator was produced by Jared Marcel backcheck checked by Nadia Lewis? Our editor is Paddy Hirsch and the indicator is a production of N._p._R...

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