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And if you call it there, and we read it on the show. We'll send you a copy music. Oh, by and definitely follow us on Twitter. He's at rich Campbell. I'm at Carl Franklin, send us a tweet. We're watching you. All right creepy. A creepy guy. I think that's a little creepy going on creep factor high. We'll I'm sure how they're has some comments on that. So let's not the creep thing. The thing, you know. Okay. So let's introduce her formerly Heather wild is CTO of Rocketeer that's aro CAT ER in his also known as the unicorn whisperer due to her special focus on entre preneurs, she's a personal and professional growth expert, executive coach, author and speaker as a founding employee of Evernote, which was one of my better. Oh, frameworks recently. She oversaw the company's growth from thousands to a hundred million customers while among her other awards. Senate minority leader Harry Reid selected her for a commendation for her work, increasing stem education Wilde's writing as a columnist for ink and Forbes span social media entrepreneurialism, startups, leadership fundraising and diversity issues. She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, a very civilized location. Welcome heather. Thank you for having me any comments on the US thing there. Well, you X is a very complex topic. I've I've said a lot of my career made a lot of money on helping people with you eggs. So basically, it all comes down to make sure that what you're designing is is something that easier is actually can use the so if it's not working for you than complain. That's a low bar usability as one thing, but delight is the next level and getting their challenge. But that's the thing. Like all you have to do. Now. A days is make it work because people don't expect very much apart. So low. I mean, how many times are you sitting there with an apple TV or whatever. And you're like just you're sitting there with the loading bar and waiting for your net. Flicks to unglued it. And we're just so used to now like having that that happy fifteen minutes, or however that it's glitch in out to go go to the bathroom or something like Blake it used to be commercial time. And now it's glitch time because we're used to that. So we're the bar is low on you at the moment that comment made me think of some of my least favorite websites, you I y and FedEx is one of them tried to print away Bill, but FedEx website is just awful. What's interesting is some of the sites that you would think have terrible. You X are actually done very well for you, Xtra spec to like have you ever been on the spirit airlines website? Nope. Oh, it's so if you go there anyone listening to this pop it up. Another window in go to the spirits site. It's. It's horrible web colors. All yellow there's buttons in things happening all over the place in there's like a flash window..

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