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Whereas you ring? Yes. And it was like, and I would always had, no. I was going to end up mad and wanting to down because I ain't got no trophy and ain't got no ring like Monty nineteen sixty counts. No, don't like we knew we knew. So I don't understand when somebody like the Wiggins brothers go at somebody like Steven Jackson, like. When you do something like that, not only do it in a public forum. Now, not only is the do that you don't share that gonna come at you hard, but everybody who was hating on you before the only person ever worked out for you member when the beard got the fan thrown out because the fan was saying things yet. He didn't like, yes, and it was like he didn't even curse at him or like James harden, he, he made every trolls dream come true. Yes, but the one that guy out and I'm looking at this going, if you Wiggins, brothers, if y'all so internet savvy than why did you think? And I'm back my brother up. No, no, you're just going to get behind into you. Should hit your brother abra delete you have right now on the lead easy baby, easy baby gate. Had this happened it right now. I don't need this. I have been warring with people on the net about this is interesting, and it's a whole lot of Stephen Jackson ain't gonna do nothing, and you know what Stephen tax and is now a believe in his. I think he just turned forty. So it is possible that at this point in his life that he will not do anything that is not an assumption I'm comfortable making. Yeah, I'm not. I'm no, I'm not make no now see at forty years old. You don't know that you can't take twenty year old. And I've seen Stephen Jackson, it ain't like he just stopped going to the gym? No, no. And his hands are heavy. We've seen him. Thank you. We end now and now you know how frustrated it must be for him, especially now being only forty years old and having to see the league how it is right now where you're not able to really bang with dudes in the paint. Yeah. So you're talking about dude, who came from a time where you could bang in the paint, and then there was no like touch foul stuff. Like if you wasn't bleeding wind blowing the whistle right now, you gotta do here where everybody gets a trophy. And if I sneeze or blowing, your ear is foul right? And it might even be a ball in hand, you know, shooting and the ball. So these, that's a generational thing where young guys don't understand sometimes or they forget. This do may have been punched in the face before and he's okay with that. You only used to throw shade? Yes, powder net. You phone. Like you phone reach through the phone. Corny wouldn't go one. You know now Seattle always to people. The first player that I ever saw in my life where we looked at him, it was like, oh, that guy's going to the NBA for me. Was Stephen Jackson nineteen ninety four right? Like I saw him play when he was in high school. He was a sophomore that year, and I seen Stephen Jackson walk around the gym import autho back in those days. I'm here to tell you man. A man, his soul to seem rivers. Ancient dusky Reveiz. Unlike note, I know, man, we Stephen Jackson on HQ ones when he explained us about the time that the cops are running on his pot in his import Arthur, he ran in the house, win the cops. They're picked up dope, put it in his pocket and walked out because he knew the cops wouldn't check him. This is not a man. You want trouble with man and so like it's real easy on the internet..

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