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That's the Jay Green we'd grown accustomed to watching is as a Bengal all-time great to me when I saw him smile and I'm like this is a good indicator because he was out of his head he I think I think the the zoom presser that he had Wednesday was like. It was therapy. He had to, he had to come out and tell everybody. This is what I did. It was wrong and I'm sorry about doing it and it was almost like, Catharsis you know it's just cleansed him and he said I gotta go back to relaxing and having fun and see him smile and making plays on my. Aj's is on way back because. His his facial expressions, his body language were all Sullen Sullen. For five weeks and it was capped off by him. You know that portrait of him forever you know sitting on that bench against Baltimore people trying to read his lips about you know just trade me or whatever. I mean that that was that was the final after what he said was a loaf play on the interception. F. He crashed he crashed, and now he's on the way back into see him smile. And make in place here comes Aj, the the the play that is in the crosshairs for most, and we'll ask Chris spielman about it later in the show when he joins us because he had the call the TV and he was perplexed by a third and one Sumaya p Ryan fullback dive what did you make of that? Yeah they motion of another back trying to get to cute I. Think I mean I can understand the quick hitter part of it But? Was I was I was upset third in what we throwing the football for me and the offensive line was coming off the ball. That's the key point was coming off the football I mean first quarter wouldn't have been any hesitation third one day impounded. They are controlling the line of scrimmage. Now it's now they're starting to get a little hesitant. You know they they tried to stay balanced they they ran a thirty two times through at thirty nine. That's pretty good balance. But the running game you take out boy twenty, five, yard reverse I mean you're talking about thirty one carries for seventy three yards two point three five as opposed to three point one, which is not the right home but anyway, but a gadget play you know makes it look? At least respectable, but they didn't they didn't sustain. You know what they had gone in the in the first quarter, and then at that point now you start to think, okay what can we do to try to trick them a little bit or do something unexpected? We run this yet we haven't shown this on tape all year I hope they never show it on tape again. You're right I mean. To think they ran. I. Three plays of the game were running place for seventeen yards. They went three for seventeen. That means the rest of the way was fifteen carries for thirty seven yards the rest of the game. Crazy. Crazy and are you ready for this lineup?.

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