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Okay so welcome everybody to another session in the so for limited Tokyo talk series around the global pandemic or trying to give people a snapshot of what everyone's experience has been in different parts of the world Today I have a lovely friend of mine coming from Canada Could you introduce yourself for for the audience one? My name is Amanda Lily. I'm a health coach in personal trainer. I specialize in helping everyday person to eat more pump based and to incorporate more physical activity into a life of find a way to combine those and still be able to address everything else. That's going on whether it's looking for the families or be part of the community and really lane people know. How does it have to be you know a lot of times? People think that you know of you're switching your diet you gotta make more than one stopper or if you're starting exercise program. Now you're taking time from your kids or that kind of thing so I really show people how they combine gone away that fits their lifestyle and also help them meet their Benefit them and meet their goals when it comes to their help so for people watching this where we're even doing all these ambitious activities. Where were you based right now? I'm the Winnipeg Manitoba Canada but I also do some nicer sis as well So obviously things have changed. I think Canada's first case was somewhere in the middle to late January. I'm not sure of Winnipeg But the last few months saw how things changed you within the city of Winnipeg. Maybe the bigger sense candidate or Manitoba. Yeah a lot has changed but I am so grateful for where we live because in Canada we allot precautions. We're taking right away and I think that that's one of the reasons. We don't have as many cases as other countries have we were of the later. Wants to get hit and we also were kind of prepared for it. So as soon as people in Canada started getting As soon as we knew that covid nineteen air we were told to do more social distancing. Wash your hands more. So there's a law campaigns to get people to do those things and it was really surprising. See how much people listened and was starting to keep more distance away from each other even in the grocery stores and places like that but as cases got worse there was encouragement people to not go out as much their restrictions on gathering and those restrictions lilly smaller smaller over time so I was like a hundred people fifty people and now I remember. It's down to ten people that's the most you can have a M- fiscal be a gathering and at the same time within the last. I guess it's been probably almost a month. All non-essential services have been closed down. I guess not quite among some things closed before that so I work at a gym and our Jim was closed even before the non essential services close. Just because you're considered a high risk Leith which I completely understand I think even Without this pandemic cap thing. It's a shared space where people are in close quarters with each other in all touching the same equipment. We were closed. Shut down even before the nonessential services reclosing shutdown. So at this point you can still get groceries. You can still go to the pharmacy. You may have to wait in line for a long time. And they're only letting so many people in once so it's really changed the way that we are approaching our lives in a few different ways so some people have reduced income are laid off The or other emergency benefits of the country is offering so very grateful for that Sir. Income will be changed reduced. And also when you have to wait in line that long to go out or you know that you're increasing your risk of getting or spreading the virus vijay note. It makes me think twice but whether or not you need to go get those items or us of the things we've been doing is kind of planning for example our meals out a little bit more so that we can by several weeks of groceries at one rather than a week's worth of groceries like we used to so think gum mistaken you actually made a video a little while ago And this was sort of your quarantine preparation a grocery order right. I think that you did that was supposed to go for a week or two exactly. Yeah so that. That's a video. I think you'll probably be posting a link to it to take a look at so was a video that I did just kind of last minute when we picked up our groceries because I realized that it's something people would benefit from steen that you can eat hot. Based in a way that you're still have items that can sit indefinitely pretty much in the pantry like dry beans and lentils. What kinds of food you can make those things you can put in the freezer Things that do law slip it long enough ranch or how you can prepare them so they last longer in the fridge and just to get you thinking about how you can still enjoy your food. Be Creative Andy. Even if you are shopping as frequently and I know for us even the pickups the laws stores offer pickup option are now booking a week or tune VAT bill. You can't just wait till you run out of food to book for another pickup or of course can also go to the stores and we in line to get inside so that's an option to but if you've got little ones are looking for other family members you know you can't just leave three three hours to go to. What am I mean in terms of like public transit and everything like talking about going to places I mean is that still running in Winnipeg or is it like limited servicer so right now the middle of April week do still how transit? I haven't been on public transit since this began to be honest. I'm not sure what it looks like on the buses but I do know that that's been talked about quite a bit the media that they're still running and I have seen them running however they are not letting people together and things like that. There is more distant in the people who are riding the bus. We DO SLOW. Public Transportation and the taxes are still runny Is The snow gone? You Defense Day you agonists. I can't days next stop so I mean like for me. I've had a change what my focus is on. 'cause I've been home so much more and we'll probably get into that leader but it also means I'm losing track of the days but dig will be early for us but then we thought it was spraying. Everything was melted muddy upside later. Oh we hit the dump of snow that was like several feet deep within a couple of days and then we waited for that to go away in the meantime away for it to go way. We ended up building a snow fort and having snowball fights and stuff so that was a lot of fun. And because we're all whole more. We get to engage in things like that as a family which I really appreciate And then it went away but now they're still like ice everywhere and sometimes you wake up. It's snowing and it's gone by the end of the day though it depends on what day and what our you asked me if I was looking at the window right now. It's like yeah. There's no snow but there's still chunks of ice around so But in terms of like the delivery and stuff when wind that start with.

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