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It was from people who thought that she was awesome in a weird way. So anyway, I'm Alison fan. Okay. Tell me about the the casting of Dana Wilkie and Carlton because they were definite characters. They were great. So Dana was friends with Taylor and had been. Yeah. So so that's that was our connection to today, and they were close. Friends and Dana had appeared on camera in season one before becoming part of the extended cast is a friend in season two. And so that's that's that story. And then Carlton, I think was a client of the same facialists as one of the other house lives. I think that's backing my brain to remember how we we got the Carlton, and I think that's what it was when you had to show up to still mean in her backyard, and there were women on stripper poles. Did you ask yourself? How you fell into this television dream or did you did you worry how would play out for viewers? Well, I think the the a couple of things one is the the fun thing was that that actually is a very Beverly Hills Hollywood lifestyle. So we like that it was someone who was not at all pudding any of that on for the show, but who really live that way. And and anybody who lives in L A knows that it is is it's a place where you find someone living in a twenty million dollar mansion who host parties with strippers on poles. And so that's a real thing. I think that one of our concerns was that the audience would actually get to know Carlton beyond all of the crazy extra Noel, you know, sort of features and and wild things because wanted to make sure that they would give her a fair shake. And so that was one of the challenges is not sort of typecasting her by by some of the lifestyle features that were really over the top that of course, we really like television producers, but I think might prevent you. From digging little deeper and getting to know the real person. And so, you know, I think that was hard for her and her one year on the shell tell me about the casting of brandy Glenville was her connection to the cast brandy new Adrian through some mutual friends. And and so, and it was not terribly close to her. But they knew each other. And they had I think had if you've dinners with friends, and so that's how the touchy came into our world, something, I always wondered was is there within the show sort of the caste system. Like, I feel like Kyle is like old Hollywood old money. And then you have somebody who like brandy, for example. She's the she was the housewife of soap opera actor. So it's just like any other city in DC or New York. There's there's a sort of a hierarchy is there one that exists within Beverly Hills and within the show. Well, I think within Beverly Hills. I think. Not necessarily as much as with other cities because Hollywood is very fluid and people are up people are down. And and I don't think that it's as much based on lineage completely. So I think that it is it a little bit more open than I think other cities are I think within the show itself. We really take great pains not to give anyone any any sort of special status. And obviously people who've done the show for Weil. You know, have a certain sense of establishment. But, but we know I mean, I think that you know, we really we want everybody in the on Somboon to be valued. And we want to give everyone a fair chance to be the best that they can be and and really as lame as it sounds. We always do save that everyone is only as good as the unsolvable on the whole. And I think that that is. I think that's really true, and that could be tough obviously during production because the the shows obviously feature the ups and downs of relationships between the cast members. But I do think that it's important for everybody to feel like they are a part of the group and they're all valued..

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