One One Percent discussed on Chapo Trap House - Episode 146 - Better Ingredients, Better Healthcare, Chapo Johns feat. Tim Faust (10/1/17)


The rest of the country the quality of the procedo seems to be directly proportional to the number of handcrafted keith display cases and also to the elevation of your heart weight when you view the prices posted inside those cases what sense what i don't know what that since pros writing raiding this is trading style okay so she saying that the pursued no is proportionally two is good is nervous is you get it because it's expensive thing in italian neighborhoods by contrast the older and more scarf the noli in the bearer the badly plastered walls the more tattered the appearance of the single nineteen 56 mass card taped into the cash register by way of decoration the more likely you are to discover the single best peace charcuterie you have every you know what that was one sentence that was when she likes to talk about metrics ed appears is a i don't think that that is an empirical clay making actor one again adopting the macara mindset she is thinking of one one percent bushmen in her head that she goes through a prestigious whatever double fish cheap it's like every time she presses her space key like a little bit of ether blew or period just keep going unlike some enclaves that develop good restaurants in markets as they gentrify italians do not need to seek out good food as a way of expressing that they have arrived financially and socially italians are already there.

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