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To make sense of it all also local here for a second mayor of Coronado is with us. Richard bailey. How are you doing great? Give us your local important races at narrative here. Absolutely. So the saying all politics is local is certainly true for San Diego. There are a handful of really critical seats that will depending on the outcome. Those elections will go a long way to shaping policy through some of these regional boards. Such a sandbag sandbag is a Transportation Board. That's they're the ones that dole out funding between transit highways, and they're also taking a far more active role and housing than ever. Than they ever have before. They are. They were was created for transportation. Now, they are. Yeah. Because they are a body. The really represents the entire region more and more important policy decision making is happening at that board. Sandiego area association of government. So it's different cities all of the couch all put different representatives all this board every city in the county has a Representative on that board. Which is why these local races are so important. So the handful races that I'm really paying close attention to our Carlsbad. We have the mayor Carlos bed. Matt hall this up against court Schumacher and good Republican. Now, very salt guy. He's doing a great job in Carlsbad. He's a great Representative to that board. We also have up in San Marcos, Rebecca Jones, she's the vice mayor San Marcos going up against Chris Orlando, who's a council member former mayor, San Marcos, Jim Desmond, of course, is up for county board supervisor it looks like he should win that seat. How those two local races Matt hall in Carlsbad and Rebecca Jones in San Marcos could go a long way to shape. Okay. So let's say the Democrats win in those seats. They would be appointed on Saturday. Which means they would probably vote to do what with transportation. So right now transportation money is split leave or not about half of all your local transportation dollars is spent on buses and trolleys. Meanwhile, only thirteen percent of all transportation dollars actually goes to highways here regionally, whereas the rest the rest of that goes to primarily roads. Okay. Roughly got it. So thoroughly thirty percent goes to highway seventy eight that I was on yesterday the parking lot at our largest park county. So you're the one who wrote the article that fifty percent of transportation money is spent to booth three percent of people that is correct. And that's a number this actually going down. So despite population growth in the county increase about twelve percent over the past ten twenty years despite spending fifty percent of all transportation hours in transit over that same time period. The number writers is actually decreasing. Okay. So if the Republicans are on there because I know we talked about this Forrester bears have Marcus. No. I think we talked to the lady was running out. What's Rebecca Joe Jones? She said, no we are. I will bring money to fix the seventy eight. Absolutely. So you have a really strong coalition of mayors between hopefully, Rebecca Jones Sam Abed. Matt hall are all the north county region trying to fix the seventy eight. So you're going to see them voting as a bloc hopefully to get the resources up in that region that day desert those taxpayers deserve. Okay. Any of the racists, Carlsbad, San Marcos, also the city lamesa. So you have guy werther and Bill Baber who are two city council members both Republican, and they are being challenged by Shirley, Weber the daughter, wait, it guess who else? They're being your this'll be a familiar name. He's going to bring up as also running against these guys you're gonna love this. Dave myers. Privy back. Yes. Who recently ran for sheriff. That's right people really love campaign, even after they lose a progressive. And so those that race right there could really shape who gets appointed from LA Mesa to that Sanjay board. Okay. There's the local races local props measures that anything else, you're focused. So even on the mayor of Coronado, I'm really interested to see what the city of San Diego does with the two stadium measures. Where do you fall in any? I don't have a strong opinion on them one way or the other. I wouldn't be surprised if you see both measures go down, and that will kind of put on his back on the city council to show some leadership with what they want to do with that area state races. Stay races. Gosh, I mean, obviously propsects hoping that gets passed as I mentioned before the state's already doing in my opinion, an awful job with allocating resources where they need to go to move people. I don't think we should be giving them even more of our money. Have a good picture. This is not the right day for. But let's say props props sticks passes, which would repeal the gas tax, which it looks like bite right right to toss up. So let's it passes, isn't it? Bizarre that we live in a state where those same voters would pass every other tax increase and Gavin Newsom and all these other on that. I don't I don't I don't know. How anyone could the world just seems upside down sometimes in the state of California, even more. So yeah. So we're going to repeal twelve set gas tax, but we're going for everybody. Who else? Get free health care to illegal immigrants. The whole thing going to pay for it later. We'll figure it of course, see I I grew up in Illinois. I've been out here. Forty two years since I came here as a small child just out of the womb. But do you want to see the future you go to a couple of times a year? They say, you know, we're really out of money, and then they decided well, let's vote some stuff anyway. Thank God capital Jeeves that states cannot coin or print money or digitize or bitcoin it or whatever you're one of the guys running guy running for the assembly versus of appel. I think he wants a state Bank. Is that what you talk about FOX and the hen house or the sending lettuce rabbit passed up? That is just that's like do not go there. Just the nightmarish step. And again, we're gonna look back. If if is it appears barring a miracle that that new becomes governor Birlik back wistfully on the days, Jerry Brown. Like, I remember what about every every forty two bills. He might veto one. Yep. No. It's it's going to get crazy. You would hear that sentiment? Shared by a lot of Republicans in the state house in the state Senate that Jerry Brown at the end of the day all things considered wasn't that bad. He's like a speed which is really saints because he'd be on the gun style. For example. He would eat approved six and then he beat a couple. Of course, the thing that they all get that. They've had regardless of party for governor. You get to when these eight hundred plus bills come to you the way it works is you can decide to sign it or you can veto it or if you do nothing, then it stays the way. It is. You say listen, I never touched that. So talk about a great way to give yourself cover. I never signed that Bill vetoed. Either. You mean? Politician ducks responsibility is that you don't think Coronado, you're tough. And you're one of the voices of reason when it comes all the sandbags stuff and everything else the answer to everything is not bike Lance shock or the oftentimes just count the number of people in the trolley. I like, trains and planes, Donald salesman. Just don't want to ride them. Yeah. Do you write those on the rideshare pick a pick your work day kind of thing? You can't exactly you can't use it Coronado believe it or not. We don't have a trolley. We're not gonna take a picture like other politicians do standard got. Hey, I'm writing. Back in the Uber to get to help belly hair. He's the mayor of Cornell. Let's hear it for the mayor cord. Mr bailey. Thank you. That is one of the bright shining, new elected officials upper newer. Hey, listen. He's not he I don't know if he can still here right now. But the time about Republicans running for mayor of San Diego in two thousand twenty dollars. There's not really any good names out there. If you asked me realize, we gotta get four. That's why tonight we're watching. We're going to watch very closely when we get these I write up for the polls close at eight. We get the early trickle of results here to watch those city council races two four six eight. Do we appreciate, hey? Those those San Diego districts because the the union leaders are trying to get just one more twenty or because then they can veto override the mayoral veto make Kevin Faulkner lame duck for a year and a half. Here's a fun factoid. And you think about all the different bills that get dressed up for children, and puppies and veterans and all that California. This time around we ballots, which are obviously large voluminous, you gotta do your homework. You realize that today election day in California. Statewide, there are two hundred fifty four local tax measures on ballots to because they're figuring how we can't be can't do it this way or that way. So we'll just do it this way, it will make them think that they're gonna die. It's always like you're gonna die. It's going to be mayhem. Two hundred fifty four hundred fifty four different local tax measures on the California. Ballot. This is according to California taxpayers association and the LA times wrote about this review of ballot materials at a handful of communities finds that voters are simply told the new tax will help fund basic operations. Basic governmental or whatever that they could do with the record revenues at their own, right? But because the single biggest expense for many of these municipalities is public safety than they say, well, it's for your safety and twelve for the animals, but it's also food safety. Two hundred fifty six. One decrease. It has propsects. Is that is that better? If it's for the safety is that better than for the children because usually it was. You can't do that on the prop twelve which is about the the animals that are normally our grill. Let's see what you did. But but in that case that but they have to throw an and food safety. And I you need to push their children are directly cruelty and safety. Talk plasmon. A happier. Pick the bacon. Tastes better. It. Sure. Does. So through soon. Zoom. They're still voting. Daughter lives in northern California. We got into a heated debate or that last night. You're gonna hate this. I said I just don't like the.

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