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The first inning yesterday. He did. Yeah. What is he, man? White socks with eight runs in the first inning. The 13 runners to the plate. You heard that right here on ESPN 1000. The, uh, your Chicago White Sox Saxon 13 batters and a plate hit for the cycle as a team. So the first three batters in lineup go two for two. All that in the first inning as they wouldn't 91 that yesterday. Biggest inning of the season. First time they scored eight runs and hit for a cycle in the first inning since 2002. The nine hits were the most they've had in the first inning since 1974. So That's the way to get a game. Look, you blink. Yeah, that's what can happen by the way. That was a nice presentation. Walk this way is Grandal's walk up song, their eyes it. No, it should be. That's about all they could do, Right. That's my point. I know that in Catcher's interference, which is at Colin's Got a call on that on. I don't think there's a song that involves catches it affairs. No. Yeah, I'd have to look, but I'm pretty sure we gotta find one because it just continues to happen. But the White Sox have won a couple of games. They take the first two in Kansas City, hoping to a win today, Lucas Giolito goes to the mound. We got a guy for the sweep. There was a guy and, um My Twitter you gives me at Fred underscore human near him at Xander Rocker. All one word one are in the middle, JP says, Do you think they'll be a Cubs game today? I would think that It's supposed to rain. Pretty steadily most of the day. So we'll see. Maybe they'll try to get they cancel the Allstate Arenas flea market Every time I pass it on Sunday mornings, it's packed. Yeah, and nobody was out there that was canceled. And I'm like, you know, free marketers are usually pretty sturdy people. Holy people. They weather the storm, but no. So I would say. No. Okay, well, that's the one thing is that they? You know, they're playing a team like the Pirates. Were they who they see a lot. So get the opportunity. No problem. So what? We'll wait and see what your if something happens. We'll let you know as soon as it does here on ESPN $1000 hanging there we go right to your 312332. 3776. So the White Sox have questions. Definitely not their starters. They're starting. No, no question about their starting rotation right now, because they're unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable scoreless. The starters now scoreless streak 25 a third innings, five scoreless innings yesterday for Lance Lynn, the rotation scoreless streak. Began with last inning of the third from Lucas Giolito last Sunday. Carry through. Dylan sees with six Dallas cockle seven. Carlos, who died six now Lin with five yesterday. So the Sox starters combined for 28 strikeouts and 10 hits allowed. In the last 25 in the third inning. It has been a beautiful fat problems were gone. Could arguably be our ace right now. I mean, I I know Giolito has earned that. But if we were just dealing on number on this year right now, right now, he was gone from zero to hero. Unbelievable story. Your thoughts on the white sacks the rotation. And can the way the White Sox hit Can that just connect? Cover up for And they went in spite of mistakes that the manager might make. Well, Fred, if managers don't matter, that's why I'm saying Yeah, because I know last night. You know how you avoid medic to manager making the stakes and costing the game's not home. You score he runs in the first inning. Yeah, and you just let him stand there and look good changes unless the less choices or decisions they have to make arguably Would help in this situation. We had a call around. Wait Sac's weekly yesterday, always two hours before the pre game for the Saturday game, and he has He said. I wish you would have just kept Ricky run Korea. Oh, shot on again. Me, saying the managers don't mean much. I never probably rent the real last year, People said what we need in that playoff game. Do you think Ricky Renteria sat there and did all that by himself? You think it was him? He you know, just in his home Had he goes, You know, there's problems in the first anywhere. Could take Dane Dunning out. We're gonna go toe bomber and we're going to go toe Cruciate and all these other guys. Okay, good point. But we talked about it as a group, but we really don't know and so win. Like when something happens with a company. Let's take it on a sports for a second when something happens with the company. The person on top gets all the blame right, even though you really don't know how it went down there, so it's the same thing in sports. It is so he got blamed for a lot of stuff that players loves him and a player seemed to love Tony LaRussa. We all thought that it would be a problem relating with the younger guys well, and we're hearing, though we've heard some reports, nobody's mentioning any names that were maybe a little dissent in the clubhouse over some Choices and decisions he's made, but I made the point. Are we always satisfied with her boss? Of course, we are here with Mike. Our our boss. I mean, we're always satisfied. Well, let's just say you're satisfied. That always said exactly s So. So when I hear there's a little dissent, it's like, okay, easy on the drama. Somebody was mad about something he did. Of course, that's life that's going to happen with the coach or a boss, or whatever the case if your cap Mike Thomas has never done a wrong thing in his life with your cap, right? But that's what he says. Exactly. And you know what he think, watches every TV I've heard heard the other day. If if Mike suggests a TV show to cap cap goes home and watches it Says You can really mess with captain all you. You sure could telling you this is a great show cap watch. The whole thing capped. Probably listen right now yelling at me. He's probably not walking near you the other day. What the capital of the managers. I hear me, Fred. Yeah, I heard it, and they don't need a snicker. They don't mean anything. Let's go to the south side of Michael Michael was going on today..

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