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ROY now where he doesn't have that cap space to work with as far as state taxes concern there you have to fuck in be on every single trade. You have to be on the winning side of everything now. Yeah. I mean, if you're gonna come back from where it kinda looks like they're stuck right now. We're fucking shit sandwich with a sick new building. I wonder though, I mean, you wonder, if can can haul knew that was going down all of a sudden he saw that he stepped down. He's got to be thinking what the fuck. I'll be like, buddy, do all the work. I'm just going to basically be your system GM. Kent hall. It's right, but incredible. Oh, of course. And that's nothing to discredit him. It's just man. It's like Lou like this Lou habit like you did when he was in his prime basically. I mean, basically, if he's gonna be taken over Detroit, maybe Kenny game though where it Kenny Hong game award like, listen, I'm going to be done and not say anything because there's no indication he's leaving now, but I'm reading, ha Helene seen James. She's been covering the Detroit for years. She said that she leaned or Helen, its how it's h. e. l. e. any with the through Through our. our lean. That's all I heard that there is, I believe a Jalan to who also covers another team, but said source tells Detroit Free Press is ERM told lighten plays. He was going home to Detroit. Now that doesn't say anything about a job out of the move home. I know he's got young kids. You know he's got a younger family might wanted to spend time with them. Basically, there's no real smoke. It usually like, what when this happens on somebody, one of the big four MacKenzie drag LeBron or Friedman says, all, he's definitely leaning to- Detroit we just haven't gotten any of that any of that firm indication yet. I know it's the obvious thing to point two boys enough of the Stevie. Why talk. We'll find out what he's doing soon enough, but now we're going to send it recurring guests, Eric, Nystrom, see what he's up to in the that's where we're going. Now, this interview is brought to you by Tommy John. When it comes to below the belt comfort, there's regular underwear and this Tommy John, the revolutionary clothing brand that's redefined comfort for men in women everywhere. Let me put it to you this way. Tommy John doesn't give an f. they give three Fs fab. Brick fit and function. Tommy John obsesses over every little detail on stitch by using proprietary fabrics that perform like nothing you've ever won before as a result. Tommy John's men in women's underwear, but a no wedgie guarantee which I will personally vouch for comfortable stay put waistband in a range of fabrics that jury soft fed a light moisture wetting readable in designed to move with you not against you. That means there's no bunching in no riding up. Again, I believe on Tommy John. So last few weeks we had a heatwave hip up here in Boston. It was brutal. I have my Tommy John. It was like night and day compared to the old school fruit boxes or whatever you guys aware, get rid of them go at Tommy John, we have the best pair you'll ever wear or free guarantee. They got the new life change of women's underwear that sold out in six weeks. It's fully back in stock ladies. We know you're out there. We'd love chocolate listeners female and male. Get onboard hurry to Tommy John dot com. Slash chick blitz for twenty percent off your first order. That's Tommy John dot com. Slash chiklis for twenty percent off Tom. John dot com. Slash chip guts, that's c..

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