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From NPR news Michelle Martin early results are trickling in from the Nevada caucuses and it is looking like a good day for Vermont senator Bernie Sanders those early results show him what a sizeable lead over his rivals for the democratic presidential nomination for more on what we know so far about the outcome in Nevada and what it could mean we have NPR senior political editor and correspondent dominical Montanaro Domenico hello dear okay so how early are we talking about when we say early results and what kinds of results are we saying okay well there are two thousand ninety seven precincts in Nevada almost twenty one hundred we have results from sixty seven of them really that is our only early you it's those three percent you know we don't want to be the cliche is because reporters complaining about lack of results I think that they are taking their time they're being cautious because of what happened in Iowa and making sure that they've got every all their ducks lined up before they send stuff out to make sure it's all correct you know we know that they've taken various steps to make sure that the process can run more smoothly they ditched an app that was made by a controversial by the controversial app maker in Iowa they have increased the number of people at their call centers and for everything that we've seen on the ground things have gone fairly smoothly much different than in Iowa what we know from these very early results as if Bernie Sanders is about half the vote from the sixty seven precincts and Joe Biden with about seventeen or eighteen percent of them Elizabeth Warren at ten percent and people to judge around nine percent that's going to change pretty drastically compare if you look at the entrance polls that are done by the big media organizations talking to folks who go in to the caucus sites before you know before they actually vote you know it looks like Bernie Sanders has something of a sizeable lead he leads with it to see if that because it doesn't take an expert to look at all of the various groups he leads with and if it turns out that he did well beyond his base of young voters and people who are very liberal they are going to have a very good case the Sanders people on saying that he deserves the nomination if he is the pledge delegate leader which has become a flashpoint this K. okay that that's that's exactly where I was going to go next so just saying again but these are very early results and we are not predicting the outcome that's not what we're doing here but he was seen as a favorite coming into the caucuses yeah if he does end up winning once all the results are and how significant with that it's significant think about it he won the raw vote in Iowa it what you know we're finished one delegate or two delegates behind people to judge he won New Hampshire and he if he wins Nevada it's kind of you know one of the things you step back and say well the guy who wins Iowa New Hampshire Nevada doesn't become the nominee something strange is happening going on now this could be a very different here we don't know this is the first diverse electorate that we've seen in this process the first two states obviously I want to hear from more than ninety percent white this time around about a third or more were non white you had you know a significant chunk of that being Latinos and Bernie Sanders ran up the score it looks like with Latinos getting more than half of them in the early entrance polls so you know it looks like he's done quite well there if you look at the entrance polls looks like Joe Biden people to judge may be vying for a second place which is very important but though far looks further behind you know if Joe Biden for example does well enough and can get out of New that it was the second or third place showing he can at least live to fight another day and that other day will be in South Carolina one week from now and they may be the last day if he doesn't win there and what about the other candidates subject particularly the ones who made a big impression as the campaign was closing in Iowa and New Hampshire thinking here while the clover sure I'm thinking about the fact that lives with Warren made a big impression at the debate the other day what about apple picking up items with Warren it does look like from the polls that she did quite well with people who decided in the last few days she's finished about as well with that group as did Sanders and people to judge now she didn't do as well with people who decided further out which her campaign will highlight when I think what you're going to see what it means is that she's going to be far more aggressive again at the Tuesday debate before South Carolina hoping that that will help propel her but you know if she doesn't do well in South Carolina and she's here she's already planning to go on to further states but you look at somebody like Amy called Afshar to not doing well in Nevada you know how much longer can she sustain this candidacy I'm gonna ask you to stay with us throughout the hour case or other things that you wanna reporter there more results to to report but that before we move on to our reporters in the field I understand the president trump just tweeted what did he have to say he did you know he loves to hang out and on Twitter and check out these results like an analyst and he says looks like crazy Bernie is doing well in the great state of Nevada by then and the rest look weak and No Way mini microphone of Mike Bloomberg because he short can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of presidential debates congradulations Bernie and don't let them take it away from you okay boy oh boy you know he okay he loves doing this because you know he knows that the democratic establishment is nervous wringing their hands that Bernie Sanders could be the nominee at this point he looks like the person who's could very well have the pledge delegate lead you know after Nevada certainly and potentially longer than that and you know a lot of people in the democratic moderate centrist class will say that trump wants to face Bernie Sanders because he identifies as a democratic socialist and that he believes he can beat a socialist that's NPR senior political editor and correspondent Amanda come ons and are gonna come and ask you to stay with us but now we're going to go to Scott Detrow who is in Nevada he's at the Nevada Democratic Party media filing center and also how it is also there she is also in Las Vegas and she is set up by an event I thank you both so much for being with us here and I'm going to start with Scott as we continue to wait on more results let's talk about some developments that we just learned about in connection with the Sanders.

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