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What kind of despicable person would do something like that? But, you know, unfortunately, it goes to show that to some extent you are at the mercy of the people you do business with and that the less information you can put out there in digital form, the better. But as we get more and more connected, and more more devices have plugged, and that gets harder and harder to do. And it also shows that again even though you think you might not have information Someone would be willing to steal. There's all kinds of different ways. They could use this information. It may not be just to perpetrate identity theft on you or someone else in your organization. It may be to potentially hold you or your customers whose data they stole hostage. Imagine the black eye for you is a company the reputation damage for you as a company. If your customers data was stolen, especially if it was something extremely sensitive like this. They could point the finger at you as the source of that, and your customers are basically being docked and extorted. It's probably a extinction level events for your business. Well, I mean, target Target went through that too, To an extent, did they not? Yeah. In that case, unfortunate event that had a tree A C contractor come in. And the bad guys minutes to get into their network through the contract, But I think what we're seeing both through Grant somewhere that is encrypting people's data and holding it for ransom. Or just folks who will use this extortion angle. Extortion is becoming increasingly common because If you have a good backup of your data. There's a good likelihood you can recover from ransom. Where you just restore, you know, you get rid of the ransom. Where you restore the data that you bought them and you're good to go. Maybe lose a couple hours at least a couple days. But you can often recover. If you have a good backup. That's one of the best defenses against handsome. But you can't recover from the extortion angle where they say not only Are you going to pay us this ransom? Because we've encrypted your data. But if you don't pay, we're going to release this data on the Internet. So this whole extortion, sly stocking angle it sadly becoming increasingly common and again, incredibly despicable. A similar would release. The mental health information about in minor When you were told about clinics I didn't realize you were talking about. You know, psychology I thought you were talking about Mental health. I guess a physical health. I guess they could release your Your medical records to if it were up to that point. Absolutely. I mean that, depending on what it is, you know, someone's finds out that you've got, like, you know, constipation is quite damaging. You know the fact that you're in there talking to a psychiatrist about some mental illness? How in the world did you realize that I had a problem with constipation like again? Okay, Look, you haven't been hacking and I have not Alright. Not more with Dave Hatter in just a moment on 700 wlw. Sometimes this feels like the craziest selection ever. And you may have a ton of questions. Should you mail in your vote? And if you do, Will it be counted? Should you vote early? Is it safe to go to the polls on Election day? When will we know the results? And can we trust them? We understand there's misinformation everywhere. That's why we're giving you the experts with a reliable information you need. 700 wlw. If you think we're just four wheels and a grill,.

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