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Additional people is equal to a third of google's headcount and almost all of facebook's headcount forty thousand new jobs will be in the us with the rest in india germany japan and a couple of other countries some of that will be for existing retail and cloud an advertising businesses while some for new efforts like project kuyper which aims to launch satellites to provide broadband access. Which we've talked about on the show in the past and most of the positions are in new roles. They're not vacant rolls. Left open after people quit. They are new. Hires amazon's annual job. Fair takes place september fifteenth and. We'll probably know a little bit more about who gets hired. After that and i i was reading the story and had not kept track of just how many people amazon employees the fact that a small percentage increase for them is equal to all of facebook. Kind of blew me away and petric's you found out that they're getting close to walmart as far as the size of the employment. Yeah so nbc. News wrote this up and they're reporting One point three million globally nine hundred fifty thousand. Us employees not including all of the contractors like drivers that work for amazon. This is just fulltime employees and then Walmart currently employs quote. One point six million people in the us so wanted every one hundred sixty nine people in the us workforce works amazon about one out of every hundred people in the us workforce nbc. News says is employed by wal-mart which is a lot of people it's cut. Yeah it's kinda mind. Boggling and really jesse wants to look good He wants to get ahead of some of the he's already got a tail and he you know he needs to make his name now that he's taken over for bazo so promising. Some new jobs not a bad way to do that. Fifty five thousand sounds like a lot until you see the percentage and you're like honestly for amazon. That many right like less than one percent of just domestic.

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