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Yeah what was your line it was to the phil collins song um uh is in the air tonight out you know saw his are you are you sure you want to be an allstar to now or something like that right or you been dreaming about this moment for role your i'm opponent hold on me if the it's the air it's it's an enhancement air i can appear quite hit the or on the air tonight hit the note i want did you see that's like so hard do they giving run of everybody i really did sing it yeah like yeah i mean you're by far not the worst thing it ever performance save will center which is the rule of law so i did the i so i was lucky now because it was really cool for my boy because um you're sent we got him a basketball and he got every allstar signature the now on it now he did said this is a now that because he got that an nfl honors yet here my son is having the greatest sports year of islam and he doesn't even know it now i kind of appreciates it but he doesn't really get it are having the greatest support i have great sports you're getting those autographs and on behalf of your sign yes and hopefully you can sell it to pay for his college they couldn't be nicer by the way ever but that's a good point two that's my safety net doing all that uh but i mean people could minnows like i was up on i was behind backstage there were about to introduce a team curry right and i've just upset hottest stuff we'd met each other before so we kind of knew me and uh you know we shook hands and and i said i got a hit the upright ducts which is dead time i go we sign.

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