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Country have discriminated against female applicants the investigation comes after it was revealed Tokyo Medical University had done exactly that for more than. A decade it released an internal investigation earlier this week that confirmed it an. Altered entrance exam scores to limit the. Number of female students Tokyo Medical University said it believed, female doctors would shorten or halt their careers if they had children affecting hospital staffing the education ministry sent a questionnaire to all medical schools. Asking them for six years of data on the genders and ages. Of all applicants. And wants to know who passed and who was admitted schools have two weeks. To get back to the, ministry with. Numbers Major wildfires in Portugal and Spain have been halted the, battle isn't over yet bulldozes working through the night to create firebreaks help stop ablaze in southern Portugal's I'll gov that blaze. Has been burning for over a week temperatures also fell however the finest perimeter measured Molin hundred kilometers and. Gusting winds could trigger reignition 's almost thirteen hundred firefighters with three hundred thousand nine vehicles and eight aircraft deployed at the blaze. It's chant almost twenty three thousand five hundred hectares of woodland about three hundred. Kilometers south of Lisbon in neighboring Spain. Light overnight rain help stop the progress of a wildfire, near Valencia on the Mediterranean coast firefighters hope that would allow them to put the fire out after a four-day blaze that scorched about three. Thousand hectares food and football go hand in hand and as AP Mike captain tells us Arizona Cardinals fans attending games at. University of Phoenix. Stadium, are being challenged with a new seventy five dollar say from a year ago and inflation rate that suggests American's are earning less than a year ago despite a solid academy. The two point nine percent increase match the same pace from June which had been the highest level in more than, six years the, consumer price index jumped two tenths of one percent last month with most of. The increase coming from higher housing costs when justed for inflation average weekly earnings have fallen one tenth of one percent in the, last twelve months Mike Kemp in Washington Hi I'm Ralph Rousseau AP college football writer and host of the AP top twenty five college.

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