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I get nervous like i get worried about it I my mom. Growing up as a huge stephen king fan and i would ask her. You know when can ivory. And she's like no you. Can't you know and when i was ten. She let me read the girl who loved gordon and it was a rap after that like all king all day. That was it for me. That was one of the first books i read too. I wanna say it was like that and green mile because we have the little the six books green my and i was like oh look at these cute little books. I'm gonna read them. And i probably didn't understand at the time. Half of what happened just increase mile. And then i read it again for this podcast. I was like oh. I missed so much as the child. I don't even know how old i would have been when i read those too and i don't remember the order because my mom had bought the books but she never finished reading them. She had bought through like wizard and glass in the mass market. Paperback size so they were like all nice and uniform shelf and i think she had made it to like pet cemetery or something like that. Maybe the talisman and so basically. Now that i've been reading all of them she's like okay. Which ones will i like. 'cause she's not into fantasy year like saifi kinda stuff. So i'm i'm just like you know listing amount and gerald's game is one that i think you don't need to be a fan of horror to read but everything that happens is very horrific. Yeah no couldn't agree more. It's it's like. I said just misery on top of misery it is straight horror. I think but objectively. Yeah they're not. Nobody's being chased by pennywise at the same time you know. Yeah there's no clowns there's no vampires. There's you know this creepy dude who israel you know and very odd strange. What have you still love a good dog though even if he eats someone you know gerald kind of deserve to hit a little bit. Yeah i'll agree there. You always have to root for the dog. Those are the rules except for cujo. While even you can talk a little bit little bit. Love a good animal appearance but you know that was kind of a running theme through the movie to that. The dog eating the meat outside and it was like. Oh that's like two hundred dollars. Pound is like wow okay fine tell us our. You are exactly weird flags but okay. Yeah yeah and it's exactly what you would expect from a character like gerald so. I love how mike flanagan was able to capture. The essence of these characters. Have the two versions of jesse and the one that's terrified and you know falling asleep because she can't stay awake. She's dehydrated and literally surviving off one cup of water. That's it and you have the fact that gerald kind of comes back to life and you're just like no. We didn't want you here stay down there. Yeah yes so obviously. I think we have come to the point where we have to talk about the hand who this is. The only seen that has disturbed me the entire time. I have been doing this podcast or out of any other horror movies or tv shows. I've watched it was just like oh here comes. Here comes out still getting chills. No it is and like. I said he's so unflinching like if she's having to d. glove her hand you're going to sit here and watch her every step of the way and it is just. I was physically squirming. Like i can't and i'm i'm a big horror person so i'm pretty desensitized but it is just oh man. It's unbelievable the gore effect on it just so so good and it held up. I was a little worried that it wasn't going to when i re watched it i was like oh. Maybe it won't look as good. And i was like nope. That still looks horrifying. No it looks so good. That you're like as carla gino. Okay like anybody's seen her hand since she this. Can we confirm. She still has one but that scene alone. I take make so much of this movie worth it because you understand. In that moment how far she's willing to go to survive exactly and this is a character like her. Her mental version of gerald said. She runs away. She takes off in her mind when things get to real but like no. She's she's here she did this. She's gonna make it out. Obviously no matter. What what i want to know is who buys a bed frame. That is that reinforced gerald. Somebody with them. I think some disturbing ideas. I don't think anybody needs needs a bed frame. That cannot be broken. I understand not wanting to break it but you know like in that situation even if the woodwork looks amazing. You're just like no. We don't want this here like get rid of it. Get rid of the whole thing and the shelf. I was like that's a little high up. Like i guess you're not putting stuff on it that you actually want to reach and the nightstands where like oddly far from the bed just like my nightstand is like reaching distance and i was like she ended up. Reach it with her leg is like i know. I know. you're not the tallest woman in the world but poorly laid out bedroom -absolutely. Yeah the point of the nightstand is to be able to have to reach from the bed. Yeah there was some design flaws here. Which one could argue. That was gerald's entire plan because he clearly likes playing games but you know still strange strange strange man like no thank you you can go yes absolutely. Get the dog back in. Yeah so i know. It's one of those movies. That's a little hard to talk about..

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