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Of Route 7. It's all right here on Washington's Top News 24 hours a day. WTOP News. Everything you need every time you listen. This is WTOP News. It's 823. Now it's time for the WTOP Mystery Newsmaker contest. We'll play the voice of someone you've heard in the news this weekend WTOP. Be the first caller at 855 -885 -1035 to correctly identify the mystery newsmaker and win a pair of tickets to Broadway in the Park. June 8 p .m. at Wolf Trap. Join stars Lea Salonga and Megan Hilty for a night of stellar show tunes and memorable performances. Visit WTOP .com search contest for more information and here is our mystery newsmaker. I never imagined anyone could have a resident here. residency It's just been one crazy accelerating night after another. We didn't think it would last 10 years. Alright there it is and happy June. A new month brings a new list on events in the DC area. We're helping you mark calendars with WTOP's June Get ready for Ms. Lauren Hill at Wolf Trap. Logic brings the College Park tour to Echo Stage. MC Light presents I Am Woman at the Kennedy Center. Shania Twain rocks Merryweather, Signature Theatre Aegis Sweeney Todd, Idina Menzel

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