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Cairo radio news centers streaming on the Cairo radio at Washington's board of health has voted to temporarily ban flavored vaping products that band goes into effect tomorrow earlier people in the industry told the board if you ban the flavor products you're just putting a right into the black market but others demanded that band when I a thirty percent of my high school seniors that are vaping I've got a problem most of its flavored and again that ban goes into effect tomorrow it last one hundred twenty days the governor does plan to ask the legislature to make that permanent millions of people in parts of California are without power right now Pacific gas and electric cut the power off to reduce the risk of wildfires during extremely dry windy weather a generator is a lifeline if your grocery store facing a power shut off that's the sound of a life line if you are a homeowner with a freezer full of food bags of ice being re stocked and they were hard to find I went everywhere and forget trying to get water was still in stock but forget trying to get something like a nice chest pain like that that was gone for days Holly Quan for CBS news Oakland California the impeachment probes standoff continues next up for the house committees investigating president trump is a scheduled appearance on Friday by former Ukraine ambassador Mosher you'll find of H. but with the administration's refusal to cooperate with house Democrats her appearance is up in the air according to one senior committee staffer Ivana which may not be a basket or any longer but she is still a state department employee as a diplomat in residence at Georgetown University bill ray Cobb CBS news Capitol Hill traction tires are advised on.

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