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Conservative male and the review all my throat looking really so they were sent this in for the record. Okay well you're telling me this user you call album bucky. Lucky bucky tried to go here. Which is the wildest par. Is that in my mind. But he feels like he's not good enough for school. Which like maybe there is something else they got from like your or bucky that maybe you wouldn't be a good fit but that's just me. Why would a person who thinks this way. Wanna get in there. I don't honestly what it seems like. And i know what the challenges it seems like. This is just a racist going to rate it for no actual like reason other than to be raised if they really did gareth acted. I'm just thinking like wow these. This school dodged a huge bullet here which they probably knew and they rejected him. But yeah wow. If this were harvard think of all the equality. That would be happening. Let okay well. i guess. There's no arguing makes exactly. And i think what's maybe worse is at twenty five people gave it a thumbs up care at lake. Why does not understand either. Why do you care. This is like this place it's like it's a historically black university of course that's that's and also though from the beginning. They've accepted anyone out about most schools about harvard. Exactly so like hello. They were out of the game. Obviously i mean baffling absolutely baffling. Wow and that's what you ended on Just from taylor. Oh okay thank god. He's at the last one. And i just thought oh. Sorry those last one. I was reading from taylor pulling me ill. You're done after about one. i'm done miller. you're cancelled. No thank you taylor for those very helpful. And then i've got This is my last email. Then i have some of my own This one is from. Katie she her Who said i she. For silvestre's i looked up a few colleges in the portland area for y'all and found this for the challenge. So this is a review of reed college in portland oregon. My understanding of read or comes. When i was in high school our friend logan i think was looking into it and i think that was a school with like underwater. Basket weaving as an ally. It was really portland base. It's yes exactly. So i'm like okay. Now underwater basket weaving. It was like a whole thing. And i think it was read was a school that he was looking into. And i just looked it up so it's actually It's an idiom referring pejoratively to supposedly useless or absurd college of mercy courses but since nineteen eighty reed. College in portland has offered an underwater best in class. So they're the founder of this Or the reason that people created this pejorative. We'll know it's been. It was a term before they offered it a winning they were. Let's let's let's. Yeah no and i think that's kind of the by try to make sense. You can make your own lasts underwater. So that's the kind of school but anyway this is somewhat of a redemption. Actually it's a four star review. I got rejected. Which is okay because my stats were lovely campus. Good education strange people not a big fan of the over liberal hype. But it's okay there deserts are ass. Stay away from that evil vegan shit otherwise a great school a little dirty and overrun by students. And wow they would not have liked their time. And i think probably made a good choice. A leading this person move on to somewhere better because you would not have had a good time my friend katie email. With for the record. I went to read and the desserts are distinctly not ass also not vegan as someone who works in higher education. Sadly most college campuses are overrun by students. These days help sad tragedy really fall in the nation. I did like that. They could admit like yeah. Yeah i got rejected and deserved it and like it's fine. Everything sucks. But i guess it's still okay. Funny that they like and none of the schools. I got rejected to tonight. Get to try the desserts. I don't think oh no. Maybe why i guess if you go for like a tour eat mccaw frontier. The thing true true true true. Got me there now. It's my turn for my good. He so this one. I did not apply to you got in here. I believe new york university. I sure did baby. That's my one claim to fame. And i didn't go for some god forsaken reason. We'll here's what allen has to say about it one star rejected me. I still cry about her sometimes review. That was me actually on the campus tour. I rejected him. I'm so sorry. Oh alan i like it. That he personifies. Nyu it's pretty sad actually had a crush on my nyu tour guide. But then i found out he. I looked up on facebook and he was like in a committed relationship with a man. So you know just normal story that sounds about right pretty standard story. In my case. I had a crush on my like g gw engineering. I don't know what she was. She was like the person in charge of the young. Like the new. The coming the new closer goose ermolai. She was like these. Years are going to be the best years of your life. And i remember thinking. Oh god i hope not. And in hindsight i very much hope. Not a already aren't so sure that they're not. I made sure they wouldn't be. The bar was set pretty low. I my gosh rhymes. Here's a ones review by gerald. This is a dartmouth college which i have no connection to even know why i picked this. I don't know they just search rain at all. I was watching show. And i think they mentioned dartmouth and i was like let me just google that quick a anyway. That's how i found this one-star this school is trash. It's super old in the middle of nowhere. They think they're so high and.

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