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I love her Karen so to say so. I haven't seen Potomac. I don't think I saw last season of Potomac and Karen has never looked better. I I really think she's a beautiful woman and I love her I do too. I really love her. She's a horrible person. Of course I disagree. I like Archie which is L. is my star when Giselle said from one man's mouth to another man's ends asked that's all really good. Don't you feel like Giselle and her daughters are having so much fun such as seems like a fun and also excuse me when her daughter was honest with her Giselle took that in and to her it was so beautiful I thought when she was like I don't feel like I'm getting the attention and she's like okay well. Let's have our special time. Yeah beautiful beautiful think Giselle is going to launch a baking line or some sorta cookie it does hurtling towards bringing cookies to everyone feels like something's brew dare. I didn't realize having stepped away from Potomac for a little while and coming back how many of them are pursuing professional careers as singers well okay so monique has gallery past week is in the podcast booth and she says the the engineer like let's bring up the base in my voice. I I'd like to say that bears Devon's gone. I see those teddy bear. He's he's waiting with food in his mouth on the phone ring. I like this getting wax. I gotta go. He's like I want a respectful move. AH laying down. He's left the bills. Let's move on to New York as we're you know we're getting we're gathering into the end. We're going to let everyone go home and talk about New York. The third in the reunion as many of you heard we could not discuss this last week because is yeah. We couldn't even do the podcast because it stopped and started so many times we had to just fill time and everything was terrible. Yes so oh last week we had the Countess and when we found out that she was going to be in Chicago she wasn't going to be in Chicago. There was many different in Chicago. The musical came out not who city the music she was going to be in it and then she wasn't in a mate astern. They said we didn't and then they came out this this week. We saw the statement from Chicago's News that the invitation so it was real it was going to be in Chicago L.. Musical on Broadway not even just like the Guy Lauderdale Dinner Theatre but Chicago on Broadway. It's been around for quite some time. Now of the haven't gotten invitation. I can't say it feels like they'll again. We're wondering is she going to be Mama Morton or okay so that's like she's coming out with one big number Bor as my Queen Latifah was in the movie but that role I mean Queen Latifah was nominated for an Oscar for that course small Paul beans you know but it's in the realm of Chicago. It's a small role. Yes smaller role candy has done it but Candy Zing Niimi has done on it. Period has has a personality anything last words about New York. Lou and we'll be back act no of course we'll she upgraded. I don't think so you end up. She'll go. She'll go back down. Athletic site is still not turned turned off from from illuminating Daniels Wax. I will tell you I did go into a hundred instagram wormhole with looms uh-huh niece. What did you find out Prato? I looked into her work. She's in artists. She was featured Ca Bravo show and it's strange. You know it's strange but she's really woman about town like she's a woman in New York..

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