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Can't get to it. Johnson has it Gerard nearside across the red line zone. Dr keeps himself throws a pass behind the net. Mackinnon was in the vicinity. Vancouver locally down towards center down by Dhiraj snuck out though, by gobin shock whistled high of Semyon Varlamov Garard, spins away, McKinnon votes. One of the point cannot keep it in again, go down by Gerard. And finally the puck makes its way towards center rights. Stitcher. Gobin leaves a professor winds. Fire shot is deflected up into the screen. And we'll get another stoppage in play this time with fourteen thirty one to go in the third period. Meco now has points in five straight games. Until last game at a six game point streak versus the Vancouver Canucks during that streak had four goals, eight assists for twelve points. He's added. A gold. Tonight's to start a new streak perhaps versus the Vancouver Canucks. Face up one by Vancouver chomping the point off the back of the net. Rebound picked up by Derek resort. Or now for JT. Copper cross center. Thumbs down deep push assigned by by eight five issues me convert gets there. First Soderbergh in the foreign corner reverses at behind the net compro- pick it up nearside corner. Spins around, the circle slapper from the point from Keita's Adora who went down to one knee to make that happen. This is high and wide. You may have heard such an occurrence. The Ega stupid behind his own net. Julio for Vancouver return passerby storms head of his own zone. Pass up the center Rheinland will dumb it down deep ads. Get their first Nimitz closer free. Loser. Mango past hymns of door. I'll call now for Alexander Kirkland also blue line trying to pick on Meco Renton and canceled out by Vancouver and Ryan graves with number down deep Pettersen takes over in the neutral zone for the Canucks is passes office skate of I Nathan MacKinnon. Secondly, nego Rantanen and Vancouver. Hands to recollect in their own end Pederson forgo Doberman. Cross the red wine pass for best result to walk like to by graves place. It off the glass broke down by Alexander Kirkwood. Stickhandling keeps it himself as far aside. Ranson hands would offer. Nathan MacKinnon MacKinnon, far circle again and holds looking Tyson..

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