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Cancer gene. So what are you guys. Are you guys doing taking this. Whole fucking colby. Chilly legit yet. Street serious yet. What you're going out of town. No no i'm gonna. I'm gonna tell him. Where are you calling my mellow sister. She's getting a college offer possibly for volleyball and this week and ask that they could issue could go visit okay so which is on so. That's why i'm taking her to san antonio you know this is going to happen. It's going staying in texas. But we'll stay in texas and i'm going with my other sister who actually is out there but okay so i'm not really doing anything and i got tested this week to just to make sure that was before i went out original tested every month job. I have to deal with people high. And it's just like don't fucking all what these people been like right. We have as far as the people that i had that we regular. Because we're re we're a management for apartments and we have sixteen cases of the people that live there osha. So it's just like fucked like i don't even know there's people that this isn't a real pitch like some people dying. We can remind and so five in tested eleven times cod negative really. Yeah and the only reason to your nostrils are all fucked up that bad. She felt that. I've gotten you know they. I mean when. I did every time i've done it. I mean they just kinda go ch now. They're all fucking like the one that you up bitch. Flippin get your raping my knows what is going on knox comey later for the first time i got tested. I did the nose test And it was like right when it came out because we one of the guys that we knew we're Said his son had been exposed so anybody came around him Should be tested. So all right well go. One of my friends is telling me because they had who's crazy they do to you. Just don't just don't yell yes. Yeah it was just like it was before the before anybody really talking about. What the tests. Worse i wasn't. I didn't know what to expect that. Your gosh it. So when they're pulling up when they're coming to the back to my door because they tell you the current shit it's all coming back already fucking taking off my belt issues john down you're gonna put your ass out was like do i. Don't know much is out the window fit like that. So i'm getting ready issue. All right just put your head back on it all fuck. Oh this isn't good all right so you. Don't feel a little tickle tickle. So the around the counter three. I'm gonna do are cool. Shaw one shoved that motherfucker straight up dude. I'll will slap the bitch off honestly. I don't believe in violence against women but interested in fucking down to catch a case along with covert not only does she go up but then she starts moving. That should just jiggling that shit. All the fucking bitch comes out. I can't help them all shit going to be laughing at me. Aleve fucking bitch. Both of them. Yeah now i got a one yard only did one other. It depends august. I was this early on with all. This is the first kind of kind of like we don't gotta fuck fucking shut the shit into their brain Easy touch fuck brain marriage. She coming out your pops out. Remember i told my dad about it right and then He didn't get tested a few weeks ago and he came he called me so we got tested on how. You're a little bitch what they didn't even do that should they just put they do the mall swab on him. You know you should ask the other one. Yeah the other ones accurate gag reflex. We've been working on this god. Damn man fucking shit. Call me call me. And i go there and just not just want to go get that test what i mean i could see. They're not doing them out anymore. Actually not there's been a lot of false negatives infos positives when it in the now. Yeah so i was just like okay cool. that's all. Those tests are false positives. Nobody knows it was today or yesterday just came out that now. Instead of being quarantined fourteen days down the seven. If you're exposed really anywhere that the cdc came out with the foot how well we're getting better. We're learning doorly not. We're just becoming a new version. The same superhuman. Well the one thing. I'm finding funding. Because i don't know if you've seen that they're saying Mike there's two companies are actually applying for the fda with the weiser madeira hike. They're they're which ones have been. They're telling apparently the modera one is okay because apparently that one had one hundred percent success rate of not like anybody that dot the shot didn't have severe case of covid so like because their initial is ninety four percent Beyond that there were one hundred percent on anybody like if you dig it kobe. To the vaccine it was in a severe case. They kind of got mild symptoms. And that was it. Nothing major but Now that they're saying because those guys are coming out now now they're all turned to everybody like a keep this in mind just because there's vaccines coming out doesn't mean the shit's over. Everybody has is going to get the vaccine quiz so it doesn't mean that ella vaccines were were saying like guys. Japan put in for a daily put them for a special license to get everybody vaccinated. Put it in some shit with Yeah yeah process to us. The reason japan-china got the shit on lock though. They're used to wearing masks already in their culture. Everyone's like fighting forty fighting here on They're probably because their pollution is fucking horrible. Oh yeah and then you get sick. There was protecting the. I'm going to be the ones to wearing masks after. just dirty. Only to rob the motherfucker because in the now not even special to them anymore without using condoms. She's hey married. I knew i always say defined with date. I plead jenga. She knows polite game strong. Check this out girl. What if you push it though. It's not really pull out game. Hey don't forget one-sided related your fingers trying to help you find the floss how you need to pull out games wrong the coincide you gotta get the there's no flicked there's no dick licking your fingers. You for your at you girl who might be my so. It comes a young to the shot. Are we gonna take the way. Are you going to take the vaccine. I'll take. I'm taking an issue. I don't know i don't give a fuck. There's a chip. I don't give a fuck. Put that shit inside. Trying to be i yeah. I don't plan to go rhino one. The as if they're gonna offer to. I mccain look come on contract me all wall. Sleek you already with your phone doing shit. I don't read the apple license agreement before they're probably already know everything about me. So why not the. Should i get all my christmas shopping done. I just say fuck it. I'll just talk to me league. Hey i want to buy a fucking. Ps five two seconds later my fucking his five advertising shit. You guys aren't listening. To how you motherfuckers.

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