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Monday under grind down four hundred forty three art leftovers go away what are you predicted op georgia aquarium all the we wanna yup grady curve rebel cory career products that are wsb jam cam shows a car on its roof rollover crash 285 eastbound the adults between i 675 in bowler chris road exit fifty one police have just shown up in block the left lane the inner loop is he's hobday over the wall to try to help out with that at sony back towards flat shoals typical as 285 western southbound starting on the north side of town from odd georgia 400 around i 20 on the west side how's the interloop running hurrell we'll forty no rex installs the less while 285 northbound slow golfing tasted scary to seventy five and budget fifty two minutes to travel to eighty five eastbound southbound from georgia 400 after memorial triple team traffic wsb new at five o'clock in oakland shave we've all said school starts earlier every year but more than ten thousand payroll in cobb county say another israeli high nino you have a lot of kids like this passing on the field and stuff like that in his luck with israeli shrink now they've signed a petition after learning schools dogs ally thirty i this year too late stop that but the holder feelings are taken into account next time round the school board approve this calendar two years ago also knew at five with the senate obamacare overhauled cedar tottering tonight president trump hosts a group of senators at the white house he spoke there within the past out we're going to get that done and i think we're going to surprise a lot of people but there pushing very hard the republican senators are great people but they have a lot of different states some states need this some states need that but we're getting it together and it's it's going to happen the votes all for the moment though senator mccain has fallen ill is out the duration an majority leader mcconnell cannot lose even one more vote cast kayce breaking news first first this is wsb 24hour continuing news here's nobody's going to object that his parole hearing thursday so it looks like oj may soon be released from prison where he has served eight years he's reportedly got a clean record behind bars more than a half dozen atlanta braves took a trip to the hospital today and brought an early christmas for some kids they're rates pitcher shanmugam says their kids hospital christmasinjuly comes.

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