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That's important to all african americans in chicago that's i want you to write it down twenty six twenty one east seventy fifth street on june second at one pm that's twenty six twenty one east seventy fifth street on june the second at one pm we're going to be meeting that will be a group of african americans meeting that including some elected officials and all of them that wanna come african americans in one i need to be that me going to be trying to iron out some things that's beneficial to the african american so write it down come on on if you have thank you have some input and can offer some constructive insight on where we go from here as relate to the mayor's race and the governor so let's let's get it on and i'm looking forward to seeing you that we're going to talk again about it then we're going to be announced this week next week and tell you friend let's get together over that and we're going to have a powell over there because too many african americans out here talking about is too many blacks in this race and all that kind of thing we wanna we wanna we on get together and solve that problem so let's let's get together yesterday i was at a meeting with that where some of this was discussed and i won't those individuals to come on out they said they would so we should have a real good time on the east side of chicago don't forget but we got special guest today in and we should we're talking about cooking eating now let's see what wondering on here about that we're gonna ask chanter to tell us all about it and who we got commissioner sean to the wvu and family and thank you for tuning us in once again and yes it's the jury day but thank god we are alive so many of us aren't particularly those children ten of them who were killed our condolences go out to those families i'm chained to stars burke producer and co host of the bob shaw show our number is seven seven three five nine one sixteen ninety.

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