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Dave shawny is sponsored by white pines resort. And here is Mr. Dave shawny. We have clear skies twenty nine at O'Hare community alert has been issued in the south shore neighborhood warning of a man who grabbed a woman who had just left the bus this happening at the bus stop at seventy fifth and Kohl's she continued south on exchange avenue and notice the man following her. He's described as being in his twenties. Shoulder-length dreadlocks about five eight and a light complexion with a slender. Build some two thousand Central American migrants have gone across a river separating Guatemala for Mexico stopping Mexican efforts to stop them at the border. They reform their mass caravan and had vowed to resume their journey toward the US the Margaret's yesterday gathered at the Mexican border city of CU Hidalgo and vowed voted by a show of hands to continue north some say they wanted to seek asylum due to violence in their homeland European Union says emerging details of Saudi journalist Jamal kashogi death are deeply troubling. And it can. Continued thorough credible. In transparent investigation is needed. Saudi. Authorities have said kashogi died in a fight with Saudi officials at their counseling and Istanbul. The latest in a series of conflicting explanations for his death. Turkish authorities suspect a team of Saudi agents were sent into assassinate him about thirty people were injured when a first store first floor collapsed in day, Clemson, South Carolina at a building. They're happening at a club house that had been rented for a frie- private party social media video of the incident shows people dancing in the moments before the floor collapsed, raven Guerra was at the party when the floor gave out at a time. I had put one out the door. I felt that something was weird. And that's when everyone just collapsed and the guy behind me disappeared, dozens were transported to local hospitals. The state board of education has approved proposals to expand the teacher workforce..

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