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Tehran in a push to resuscitate nuclear deal negotiations. I'm Charles De Ledesma. In the traffic center, Rick McClure. All right, Michelle, let's take you back around the capital beltway with volume and a couple of spots. Out of Luke, Maryland signed from the old Georgetown road to river and still slow on the envelope, Virginia science, load from the toll road to the legion bridge. And those are your only two slow spots on the beltway right now, still issue free. I two 70, a little different story with volume delays, had a south heaviest through Gaithersburg through other works on the set up along the right side that had root to one 24 between route one 24 and I three 70 and a few volumes slow spot southbound through highest town and clarksburg, last year, we had one broken down northbound, your father Hurley, that's long gone from the right lane. I 95, no problems there. The PW Parkway had some usual slow spots northbound approaching the beltway weekend volume southbound through parts of jessop and fort me. Route 50, we had a crash traveling western stevensville that was backing things up from the narrows place of still with it near castle Marina road. Everything should be along the right shoulder now out of the travel lanes, the volume slowdown still in both directions tuned and from the bay bridge east bounce lows for cape saint Clair to the tolls and slowing on the westbound side across the narrows and Kent island clearing up about Mitch ban three lanes west two lanes east across the bay. Tree down, along the outbound lanes of the Clara Barton Parkway near the cabin John Parkway, watch out authorities along the right side over to Virginia, I 95, a few volume slow spots south through parts of lorton woodbridge Dale City and Duffy's volume time on the northbound side through spotsylvania Fredericksburg and falmouth, and we still have the police investigation going on in Alexandra, Lockheed boulevard still shut down both ways between forts and road and Fairchild drive, follow police direction through, and the crash that was affecting the southbound lanes of route three O one approaching the nice Mac millston bridge clean up is underway and at last Jack just a single lane was getting your body. Southbound route three O one approaching the nice Mac millis and bridge. The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Washington wishes everyone a safe and joyous summer, reconnect with your local Catholic parish as you enjoy summer activities. Find mass times at a DW dot org. Rick McClure, WTO traffic. Storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore, we have some precipitation on the far West End of our listening area. That's right. If you thunderstorms, in fact, rolling through. Now they were much stronger along I 81

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