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Near Hurricane Harbor this week. No arrests have been made just yet in connection with the fight that led to the fatal shooting. We certainly got some names thrown out during our interviews, but they're just not ready to publish that. Just yet. Arlington Police Deputy Chief Christopher Cook 16 year old Martin High School student, atrial teal was the victim shot and killed during the disturbance. Meantime, witness Actually, Birch says she and her family were leaving the park when she heard a pop. I was like what's going on? What's going on? My husband was like, Don't forget to ask what's going on. We need to get out of here, she told W. F. A. It was like a stampede. Kim Lampkin is W B A P NEWS. The Dallas County district attorney has decided not to seek the death penalty against alleged serial killer Billy Shamir mirror. The 48 year old former health care worker, long considered one of the worst serial killers ever in Texas, is charged with 18 murders of seniors in North Texas. District Attorney John Cruz OES office had previously said it would seek capital punishment against him. Now the D A s office at cruise. Oh, is aiming for to jury trial convictions that will bring to automatic life sentences without parole. Texas now has an official mushroom governor Greg Abbott signed a resolution to officially make the Corey actors Jaster mushroom, the official mushroom of the state. It's shaped like a star, so that's definitely fitting for the Lone Star State. Bobbo Cannon, a research scientist at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, says only a few 100 people have seen them, but it has been spotted at the gardens. It's very rare. Most people have never seen it. But it's not very obvious. But when you see it you go crazy. Next time you're there. Beyond the lookout. It looks like a cigar and then opens up to a star. It can be found attached to decaying seed around stumps. CAT buns. Iron W B A P news from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say.

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